Actress Zoe Saldana talks about the incredible Avatar sequel

At the beginning of the year, actor Sam Worthington confirmed his participation in the film sequel Avatar 1 and 2. When discussing the approach to resuming filming, Jake Sully’s interpreter terrified fans of the franchise and declared: “It’s bigger than you imagined”., This promising tease, but very mysterious (and not very purposeful considering the actor’s role), seems to be a sentiment shared by another very important actress in history.Avatar : Zoe Saldana. during a conversation with the media collider, Neytiri’s interpreter spoke with great excitement about the next films “It’s going to be incredible. Avatar 3 is going to be amazing, then with 4 and 5 it’s going to get even more bizarre. This is true. (James Cameron) Will blow your mind. This is his legacy. we thought it would be titanicBut it turns out that it will happen eventually Avatar. Being a part of such innovative and creative work also makes it our legacy in a way. I am very excited to be back. We’re going back to work next week, I can’t wait to see everyone again., She believes.

What we know about upcoming movies Avatar ,

Against of Avatar And Avatar: Path of Water Narrated by Jake Sully, the third installment of the franchise will be narrated by the character of Loak, played by Britain Dalton. This sequel will notably feature a new tribe of Navis: the People of the Ashes. The main characters of the second film will also be present in this film, but for Avatar 4 and 5, casting may change. Actually, the fourth part will deal with the history of the Na’vi people in two different periods. A “time jump” in the middle of this chapter required that some scenes from the upcoming films be shot now, so that important scenes could be completed before the young actors grew up or changed too much physically. If James Cameron regularly gave news about the filming of movies Avatar He also expressed the possibility that the responsibility of the upcoming two films will be handed over to another ‘trusted’ director. We will have to be patient with Chapters 4 and 5 which are planned for 2029 and 2031. In any case, it is James Cameron who will be at the helm of the third film which should hit theaters in 2025.

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