Brahim, Vinicius Junior and Rodrigo share Jude Bellingham’s cake

He is the league leader’s big star, the Championship sensation and Madrid’s biggest attacking threat, but Ancelotti’s men know how to survive without Bellingham, More than a survival exercise, the white team has demonstrated resources in six games Carletto He is not able to trust English. Six absences, six wins and a balance of 16 goals for and only three against. Madrid, without making any excuses, knows how to manage without Jude,

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*Data updated as of February 17, 2024

This will be the second consecutive match for Valais without the English, which absences have been sporadic, At the end of September, due to rest, he watched from the bench 90 minutes of the first round match against Las Palmas (2–0). In early November, he was ruled out of two consecutive games at the Bernabeu against Sporting de Braga (3–0) and Valencia (5–1), suffering a shoulder dislocation, which occurred precisely in a game against Rayo. Was. In January, he entered the rotation in the cup match against Arandina (1–3) on Three Kings Day (he was on the bench) and did not travel to Las Palmas (1–2) because he was suspended for collecting cards. was given. , A (0-1) on Tuesday in Leipzig This was the sixth game in which the Stourbridge team was not present, and whenever they have played they have done so as starters.,

Vinicius took ‘pictures’ of Bellingham after the Englishman scored in Naples in the Champions League group stage.REALMADRID.COMdiarioas

The biggest beneficiary of the absence of the British has been Brahim, Of the 12 games in which the Málaga player was in the starting eleven, half (6) coincided with Jude’s absence. With the asterisk of the cup, when twenty-one He played alongside Joselu in attack and Bellingham’s vacancy in midfield went to Guler. The Andalusian response has been extraordinary. He scored in four of those six games, Without going any further, on Tuesday he pulled the team out of the quagmire in Leipzig. He also opened the scoring at the Bernabéu against Las Palmas and Braga. He did another job in Aranda.

But he was not the only one pulling the wagon. In those six Bellingham absences, Madrid’s other two supporters have been Vinicius and Rodrigo, who also scored four goals each., He scored a double against Valencia. Both of them also scored against Braga at the Bernabeu. Carioca in Las Palmas and Paulista in Aranda.

Six games without Bellingham

date game beef. scorer
09-27-23 RM-Las Palmas 2-0 Brahim and Joselu.
08-11-23 rm-braga 3-0 Brahim, Vinicius and Rodrigo.
11-11-23 rm-valence 5-1 Carvajal, Vinicius (2) and Rodrigo (2).
06-01-24 Arandina-RM 1-3 Joselu (p.), Brahim and Rodrigo
01-27-24 las palmas-rm 1-2 Vinicius and Tchoumeni
02-13-24 RB leipzig-rm 0-1 Brahma

And then there are Jude’s partners. The people who will miss Jude most will be Joselu and himself. Vini, In his 29 games, Bellingham has given him three assists in each, But even without his goals and without his assists, Madrid make no excuses and have managed to advance…

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