Happiness: Harvard’s South Korean monk tells us three habits that will make you happy

What is the secret of happiness? I wish there was a real mystery, but all that exists is change

habits which can bring you closer to a more pleasant existence and

Happy, And that’s what Zen wisdom has been studying for millennia, small steps that bring you closer to well-being.

Because happiness does not lie in big things, but in the little things that lead you on the path to that state

Happiness Which we all follow. And this is where it comes in handy

hemin sunimalso known as Twitter Monk, is a distinguished South Korean professor and author who received training at universities

Harvard, Berkeley and Princeton Who spent most of his life in Hein Monastery in South Korea.

Sunim has published

three books, the art of loving imperfect things, which you see only when you are at peace and when things do not go the way you want. Zen wisdom for difficult times. Through these publications, Buddhist monks try to bring their teachings closer to the world, spreading the idea that

Happiness This is achieved through peace of mind.

Harvard Monk’s Three Habits for Finding Happiness

1. Don’t compare yourself

There is a Spanish saying: “Comparison is disgusting.” And there is nothing more real than that. “to stop

compare you with others, because you will always find someone richer, smarter or more beautiful,” Hemin Sunim advises us. And she is right. You are perfect just the way you are, with your flaws and advantages, and the fact that someone Just because there is someone with more ability than you in the field, does not mean that you are perfect.



self respect It is a process of evaluation with others and with the expectations we have of ourselves. When you lose in that measurement your self-esteem goes down.

compare How you want to be and what you really are. Self-esteem fluctuates and depends on our comparisons with others,” he warns.

louis antonDirector of the Institute of Advanced Psychotherapies (IPSIAS).

Not comparing yourself, not being in a hurry and calming your mind are three simple ways to be happy. ,

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conclusion? The man known as the Twitter Monk (now)

tion of your daily life so that your self-esteem does not get hurt. There will always be someone better than you at anything, so put perfectionism aside and just try.

live in peace,

2. Don’t rush

And to be precise, he stays with

Calm This is the second point that Sunim recommends. “Stop rushing to get something or go somewhere, because

you won’t enjoy anything If you hurry,” the Buddhist monk advises. Which is usually summarized in one phrase: “Don’t enjoy the goal, enjoy the journey.”

And if you think about it, what is life? Life is more made of moving than achieving goals or objectives. how much more

enjoy the road, the more you will enjoy life. “To clean a stuck pan, pour water into it and wait. After a short time, the remaining food will come out on its own. Don’t fight for your wounds to heal. Take time in your heart and wait. When your “Once the wounds are prepared, they will heal on their own,” explains Hemin.

3. Calm your mind

“Calm your frantic mind, because when your mind is calm, the world will seem

calm and happy», Harvard experts advise. Many times we let our minds wander too far beyond what is really happening,

exaggerate problems And creating unnecessary stress.

And to achieve this, she has a trick: “When you’re stressed,

To be surprised Of your stress. When you are irritable, be aware of your irritability. When you are angry, be aware of your anger. As soon as you know all this,

You will no longer be lost On this,” he advises.

This is part of the method of

psychologist beatriz galvan So that one does not get carried away by anger in debates. And this is what is recognizing

Emotion It helps you to control what you are feeling better and hence, manage your emotions in the best possible way.


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