Adele de Tranquillion College students are engaged in the fight against doping

During the regional badminton championships in Bordeaux, three young people from the Adèle de Tranquellien college set up an anti-doping prevention stand.

Recently, three students from Adele de Tranquillion College, Radja, Tom and Elouan, accompanied by a physical education and sports teacher, went to the regional badminton championships in Bordeaux to raise awareness against doping.

Raising awareness about doping from adolescence onwards

Benjamins, juniors and cadets participated throughout the day in games proposed by middle school students on the theme of doping. Gifts were distributed throughout the activities. Badminton league manager Jennifer Hurto was pleased with the exchange between young people and underlined the importance of this awareness from adolescence onwards.

During the competition, all the players present were also given a flip book (ancestor of the comic strip) published a few days earlier. This little notebook of pictures will be in the sports village of the cities of Aquitaine during the passing of the flame. Flip Book’s partner, Caisse d’Epargne, will be offering it to the youth attending on the day. About twenty students from the college worked on it for two years, under the leadership of Ms Bonnet, plastic arts teacher, and Ms Pezet Gonet, in collaboration with Paris 2024 Communications as well as the Ministry of Sports.

No doping to Paris 2024 after clip; Their Paris 2024 T-shirt, this flip book sums up their commitment to Paris 2024!

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