Adele Exarchopoulos: Actress shares rare confidence about her younger brothers’ romantic status

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She is one of the most popular French actresses of recent years and, like many before her, Adele Exarchopoulos accepted his proposal. Papotin’s meetings, On the France 2 show, the 30-year-old actress was able to answer several questions from the budding journalists, who suffer from autism spectrum disorder. After Danny Boon and Christian Taubira, now it’s the turn of the beautiful brunette from Paris to take part in the game. A show that did particularly well as it brought together 3.23 million viewers and 16.3% of the audience. market share; As indicated, well ahead of the competition puremedias,

During the show, a young woman named Paola questioned Adele Exarchopoulos about her family life. He especially talked about the actress’s father, Didier. “Yes, poor guy, his name is Didier.”Before mentioning the profession of her father, a guitar teacher, whom we saw in a very close-up of a beautiful, muscular and sexy brunette on her 30th birthday, she jokes: “I (tried to learn guitar with him, editor’s note), but since he’s my father and so we’re close…” The actress is then cut off by a young woman, who speaks about the actress’ mother, Marine, then her two brothers, Baptiste and Emile. ,Are both of them married?,asks Paola, who is clearly very curious.

Baptiste and Emil are still looking for love

This was when Adele Exarchopoulos shared a little confidence about the love lives of her two brothers, ages 20 and 22: “I can’t hide anything from you, no, they are single Paola! No, he is not married.” The actress, who recently suffered a triple fracture during filming, revealed this information in a naughty way, revealing that she would like to see Baptiste and Emile as a couple in the near future.

On her part, Adele Exarchopoulos is discreet about her love life. Met on set after being in a relationship with actor Jeremy LaHuerte adele’s lifeShe shares her life with rapper Doms, with whom she has a son, born in April 2017.

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