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Peru vs. chili Live/Live/Online/Streaming this Sunday for Group B Date 1 Venezuela Sub 23 Olympic Pre-Olympics, The match is scheduled to start at 3:00 pm (Peruvian time, two more in the Chile region) at the Michel Delgado Sports Center in Valencia, and will be broadcast on DeSports (DIRECTV) and TVN signals. In Depor we will give you minute by minute, goals, best plays, statistics, lineups and all the events of this match.

The national team, led by coach ‘Chemo’ del Solar, has been preparing since last year to face international tournaments. As the weeks went by, the coach’s plans changed and in a press conference he said that he would not have eight players and would have younger players on the list.

Peru vs Minute by Minute Chili

Minute 87. We have 10 left. Double yellow for Matthias Lontop.

Minute 79. Peru Replacement: Marco Huaman comes in for Emilio Saba (injury).

Minute 71. Yellow for Francisco Flores (Peru) after a foul in midfield.

Minute 70. Change in Chile: Guillermo Aravena for Joaquin Gutierrez.

Minute 67. The Peruvian national team appeared! Goal by Francesco Flores!

Minute 62. Changes in Chile: Damien Pizarro and Gonzalo Tapia enter for Luciano Arrigada and Julian Alfaro.

Minute 61. Peru changes: Alejandro Posito and Francesco Flores enter in place of Rafael Luttiger (injury) and Alvaro Rojas.

Minute 51. Changes in Peru: Adrián Esquez and Víctor Guzmán came off for Juan Pablo Goicoechea and Guillermo Larios respectively.

Minute 49. Valentin Vidal’s header, which went past Peru’s far post. This was the first goal of the game.

end of first half

Minute 45. Left footed shot by Emilio Saba (Peru) goes wide. Chile comes out.

Minute 31. Yellow for Mathias Lontop (Peru), first caution of the match.

Minute 20. Great cross by Noriega against a center from Chile’s right side. The ‘Sele’ defender was very accurate in facing the attack of ‘La Roja’.

Minute 12. Block by Diego Romero after a free kick by Cepeda. Universitario’s goalkeeper shines.

Minute 10. Long range shot by Assadi and goal kick for Diego Romero. Goes to Peru.

Preview of Peru Vs Chili

,Today I was reviewing the list of people I wanted to put on the national team and they couldn’t come, and there are eight, more than half the team.“, he maintained at the time. Then he added: “I have already made the list, because for CONMEBOL I have to make the list. It has been ready for five days. And half the teams on the list are boys under 18,

It is noteworthy that the list contains players with experience in Ligue 1: marco huaman, adrian escuez, diego romero And rafael luttiger, Similarly, the foreign players are the following: Anderson Villacorta, Alessandro Burlamaqui And Diether Vasquez,

chiliFor its part, the Pre-Olympics comes with footballers with senior team experience such as Alexander Aravena and Damien Pizarro. The team led by Nicolás Córdova also features Lucas Assadi, Vicente Pizarro and Luciano Arriagada, who are youngsters with great potential. Without a doubt, it will be a very difficult duel.

What time will we play vs Peru? chili?

match Peru vs. chili It is scheduled to start at 3:00 pm local time in Peru, Ecuador and Colombia. In countries like Chile, Argentina, Brazil and Uruguay it will start at 5:00 pm; Whereas in Bolivia and Venezuela it can be seen from 4:00 pm. Plan your timing well and don’t miss this duel.

On which channel to watch Peru vs? chili?

refering to broadcast of Peru vs. chiliIf you are eager not to miss a single second of the group stage match of the Under 23 Pre-Olympics, we tell you that you can follow the prompts DSports (DirectV) And tvn, Likewise, we recommend not watching it on Fútbol Libre TV, a pirate signal. In Depor we bring you minute by minute events and news.

Peru vs. Chile: where is it played?

follow the depoor channel on whatsappWhere you will find all the keys to the day’s play.

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