Adele Exarchopoulos talks about her role as a mother in “Le Papoutin”: “The sight of my son gives a lot of meaning to my life”

A show full of humanity and spontaneity. Adele Exarchopoulos was a guest on the show Popotin meetingsrelay on france 2 Saturday January 6, 2024. Actress who recently acted Thief And animal kingdom Talked exclusively about her life as a mother.

During the meeting, questions from journalists with autism spectrum disorders, members of the Papotin editorial team made up of non-professionals, came one after another to the actress who revealed herself with tenderness and vulnerability.

23 year old mother

For example, Claire asked her, “How do you manage to be a caring mother when you’re still a child and have a baby under your head?” The mother of 6-year-old Ismail, born from a relationship with rapper Doums, then returned to her relationship with her son: “A child is a huge responsibility. I had him a little younger, besides I was only 23 years old Old man,” he explained at first.

This is the answer to my questions, my son.

Then, the actress, 30, admitted that she “tries to be an example” for them, even though she says she knows she’s not one of them. “But kindness is natural and comes with love. When I love people, I take care of them,” she concludes.

Then another reporter asks them, “What gives meaning to (their) life?”. Touched by this question, the French artist, famous for his spontaneity, replied: “What gives meaning to my life is, to a large extent, my son. The gaze of my son gives a lot of meaning to my life.” She then once again expressed her love for her child: “Sometimes I say to myself: ‘But what did I do before when he wasn’t there? For whom, why did I do these things?’ This is the answer to my questions, my son. This is the meaning of my life.”

In another moment, Adele Exarchopoulos also discussed her childhood and her relationship with her body. Then she remembered that as a child, she, according to her, looked like a boy: “I had lice for seven years. Having treated me so hard, my parents could not stand it anymore And they shaved my head.” Adele Exarchopoulos reported that she was “very thin” and “flat” and that she did not really like her body.

Adele Exarchopoulos transferred by Eddy De Prieto

Another very touching moment at the end of the show which has only one Popotin meetings What a secret. While a journalist sang love’not tenderness By Eddy De Prieto, the singer himself arrived on the set and performed the song with him. The actress had tears in her eyes and sat on a chair and sang the song with them before joining the other team members.

“A little bit of love and tenderness / After all, that’s all we have left / Only love, only beautiful gestures / To erase the time that hurts,” he sings in the chorus before praising this beautiful moment of sharing.

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