Alex Verdugo and the NY Yankees complete a millionaire deal

alex verdugo had come for new York Yankees it off season through change from boston red sox, In only the eighth trade between the two franchises since 1969, the 27-time champions sent pitchers to their division rivals. Richard Fitts, Greg Weisert And nicholas giudice,

This was not the only exchange of Yankees In low season. Most important was its hero juan soto, arrived dominican bronx Near Trent Grisham From San Diego,

Back alex verdugoplayer is eligible to mediate for the third time. with boston managed to collect 9.9 million dollars Between 2022 and 2023. Significant growth was expected by 2024.

Alex Verdugo’s salary with the New York Yankees for 2024

This Thursday night, January 11, journalist Mark Feissand reported on his social media account alex verdugo And new York Yankees they reached an agreement 8.7 million dollars to avoid going to mediate, Additionally, he said the contract contemplates a possible additional $50 thousand through incentives.

alex verdugo collects seven campaigns in big league, they added three together Los Angeles Dodgers From 2017 to 2019. meanwhile with boston red sox Played four since 2020 when he left Fenway Park in exchange package mookie bets,

Overall he has 651 games in which he sports an offensive line of .281/.337/.428 (AVG/OBP/SLG). He had 654 hits with 152 doubles, 10 triples and 57 extra-base hits in 2,327 at-bats. He scored 255 runs and scored 335 runs. He scored 191 runs, struck out 387 times, and stole 20 bases in 30 attempts.

It will run in its eighth season in 2024. Chieffirst with new York Yankees,

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