After being released from prison, Danny Alves gets a ‘gift’ that many call insulting

Dani Alves is already home After spending 14 months in jail and Pay a bail of one million euros for his releaseSentenced to four and a half years in prison for a crime of sexual assault against a woman that occurred in a Barcelona nightclub on the night of December 30, 2022.

Ex-footballer leaves Brignes 2 prison Visit his residence on the outskirts of Barcelona Where he will have to serve the remaining sentence on probation.

A modernist-style mansion, full of details and works of art, including its leisure area, its large terrace and its living room. To this we will have to add its garden with a swimming pool and a garage with the capacity to store several vehicles in its fleet. Brazilian and where he can enjoy his relative freedom.

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Daniela Machoro

Dani Alves testified on Monday before the judge investigating an alleged sexual assault at a Barcelona nightclub on December 30.  Thus, the player has declared that there was consensual sexual relations between them

Alves was taken out of prison by a group of people who were protesting for his freedom, but The situation changed completely as soon as we reached home.Although the media continued to cover the moment He saw some of the gifts and orders that came home Brazilian’s.

A gift arrived at Dani Alves’ house after his release

The first order arrived at home during the Tardar program Daniel Alves When it comes to food through applications, but The bouquet of flowers delivered to the home also attracted attention.

“Hills… I don’t know what strong, outrageous… The most striking thing is that a few minutes after Alves arrived at his home, what you will see next happened,” said reporter Beatriz Archidona.

In fact, It would have been a gift for Joana SaenzStill wife of the former football player, who took a step back from requesting a divorce after Alves’ imprisonment.

A bouquet of flowers reached Dani Alves' house a few hours after his release from jail.

A bouquet of flowers reached Dani Alves’ house a few hours after his release from jail.

Joana Sanz may have canceled the divorce with Dani Alves

According to testimony in ‘Tardiar’, by Leticia Requejo, the same journalist who revealed it joanna sanz had asked for a divorce Daniel Alvesprocedures for Divorce could have been prevented.

This news came last October, when the young model shared through her social networks various letters that the footballer had sent her from prison professing his love and with whom she tried to repair her relationship .

“By September 28, we can confirm that The divorce case between the former couple is stuck,The processes have stopped,” said the journalist in the program presented by Ana Rosa Quintana, the second queen of the morning. And he remembered a phrase from the model: “She said that, even if she intended to divorce, she would not leave her husband.”

joanna sanz, “He has decided to return to his family home in Barcelona.” In this change of plans, their pets will be largely to blame.

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