This is the city they’re going to start building

The development of societies is not sustainable, which will be no secret to you at this point. The European Union wants to find a solution by ending its production in all countries. However, China He’s going on his way – as usual – and he has discovered “the eighth continent of humanity”, on which they are going to build a city the likes of which you could never have imagined.

China discovered the “eighth continent of humanity” and went after it

China in recent years has strongly promoted its space program, to establish itself as a power in the development of technologies related to the exploration and exploitation of space. Recently the Asian country has announced its ambitious plan to build the first human city on the Moon.

The project, whose implementation will begin in the next decade, aims to establish a habitable and self-sustaining lunar base. This is a huge leap in the expansion of human presence beyond Earth, opening the door to eventual large-scale colonization of a natural satellite.

The Chinese lunar city marks a historic turning point, marking the beginning of a new era of exploration and development in space. This announcement has raised a lot of expectations at the global level. China is the leader in the current space race,

China’s first city on the Moon, a historic milestone for humanity

The Chinese Space Agency (CNSA) has announced plans to build a permanent city on the Moon by 2036. This ambitious project is known as the Luna Research Program and will send robotic missions to the Moon over the next decade to prepare the ground for long-term exploration. -The word human presence.

The main objectives of the project are Find lunar resources like helium-3, and establish a self-sustaining lunar base. CNSA plans to send unmanned orbiters, rovers and landers on successive missions to identify suitable construction sites, extract lunar samples and deploy infrastructure.

The use of 3D printers and nanotechnology is anticipated to create underground habitable modules protected from solar radiation. Initially, Chinese astronauts will visit the base for short periods of time to collect rocket-delivered components.

temporary program started Lunar sample return mission in 2022This was followed by a mission to establish a small research base in the same decade and expand it to a larger facility in the 2030s. Construction of the city is expected to begin around 2036.

This will be China’s city on La Luna:

The planned Chinese lunar city will be unlike any human settlement built before on Earth or in space. The city is estimated to cover an area of ​​about 30 kilometres, similar in size to a small city on Earth.

However, it will be designed to meet the specific requirements of the lunar environment. Buildings and infrastructure would be contained in giant pressurized inflatable domes to protect inhabitants from the adverse conditions of the lunar surface, such as radiation and meteorite impacts,

Inside the domes, residents will enjoy a controlled environment similar to Earth. The city is planned to house 1,000 to 10,000 residents, with residential modules, research and production facilities, hydroponic agriculture, educational centers, medical facilities, entertainment venues and more.

as you see, china on the moon There are many projects since its first arrival Taikonauts (No, they don’t want to be astronauts) To build a megacity. Meanwhile, in Spain we can move forward slowly, but with stronger and more sustainable steps. An example is the stuff we’re going to start selling to the world, produced by the worst disaster in our history.

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