After failure, Costco reseller is seen selling rotisserie chickens: Video

Via social networks, video of a man from Mexicali who is dedicated resell chickens Of costco And debate arose, because many customers of the chain of stores do not agree that there are resellersBecause they also sell products like cakes, cookies, pizza and most recently Three Kings Bagels.

Who is a Costco reseller?

The man identified as Jesushas become popular in TIC Toc After sharing how he dedicates himself resell chickens of costco, because many people believe that their prices are high. However, he assures that they are “made in his style”, as he reportedly cuts them, puts sauces, tortillas, rice and even salad on them.

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Costco Donuts: “This can’t happen at such a prestigious store,” customer confronts a family of resellers Video

Reseller now sells Costco chickens. (Credit: TikTok/@jesusamiestilo)

“Work better”, “Without hunger, how much would you give it for?”, “How much does a whole package of chicken cost?”, these are some of the questions from Internet users. TIC TocThose who are not happy with the people who are dedicated to reselling the chain stores’ products at very high prices.

In fact, user @jesusamiestilo is dedicated not only to reselling Chicken’sBecause on his account he has shared videos where he offers cakes, pizzas and even Reyes de Reyes bagels. costco, “I don’t sell a product, I provide a service,” Jesus says in one of his videos.

Jesus offered Reyes’ bagels for up to 900 pesos. (Credit: TikTok/@jesusamiestilo)

“People misunderstand the concept of entrepreneurship. Entrepreneurship is not the same as reselling”, “Oh yes, how easy… Now I’m going to resell chips from the store at triple the price and I’ll become an entrepreneur” , “Surely he’s still eating those bagels that haven’t been sold for weeks,” were some of the comments from users who hope the series will do something about it.

Will you stop reselling your Costco chickens?

Despite criticism and bad comments, Jesus, who is known for reselling products costco, confirms that he will not stop, because everything he offers sells very well. In fact, he is increasingly sharing ideas to do business with the store chain. ,

I already have a new business, now I’ll charge you to save space to get to Costco before anyone else,” he explained in his latest TikTok video.

He has also sold pizza again. (Credit: TikTok/@jesusamiestilo)

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