Maria Corina Machado harshly criticizes the main media for censorship against her (video)

Venezuelan opposition leader, María Corina Machado. (Photo by Federico Parra/AFP).

Maria Corina Machado He strongly criticized the main media outlets for censorship against him, accusing them of promoting the regime’s lies and not allowing democratic voices to express themselves.

In an interview for La Gran Aldea, the presidential candidate explained that at a time when the country is defining its future, all spaces for debate are needed.

“While this country is defining its future, the major radio and TV media are dedicated to promoting and presenting the regime’s lies, without allowing the country’s democratic voices to express their viewpoints. “This is inappropriate.”Said.

He asked the media to understand their important role and that he hopes change can happen.

“I hope everyone will recognize that this is a common cause, that this is not just for civilians.”He added.

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