Without VAR errors the situation in the Spanish league would be like this. And Barcelona?


match took place between real Madrid And Almeria They still have a very long story after what happened day 21 Spanish league stadium santiago bernabeu,

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Three plays were triggered: a penalty against AlmeriaA goal was disallowed in favor of real Madrid And the second one was also given for the whites. The first decision, the most controversial and the one most doubted, was the one that caused the fire.

For this VAR fileWhich is responsible for counting errors in favor and against the teams, has revealed what is the classification of spanish league Video mediation without errors.

The creation of the table takes into account four main assumptions that the technology must incorporate. However, the barometer calculates goals disallowed, goals conceded, penalties not awarded and penalties awarded, all incorrectly.

According to this VAR fileBarcelona will remain second in the standings, as it is the team that has been most affected by refereeing decisions so far in the competition.

without errors VAR, the gap with the leader will close and the league will be more vibrant than ever. On matchday 21 the Blaugranas would be second in the standings with 47 points (now 44). In this way, they will overtake Verona, which leads with 48 points (now 52) and Real Madrid, which leads with 47 points (now 51).

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Without referee decisions, according to the VAR archive, the league classification would be as follows:

1.Girona – 48 points
2. Barcelona – 47 points
3. Real Madrid – 44 points
4. Athletic Club – 40 points
5. Atlético de Madrid – 39 points
6. Real Sociedad – 38 points
7. Valencia – 31 points
8. UD Las Palmas – 30 points
9. Real Betis – 29 points
10. Osasuna – 26 points
11. Getafe – 25 points
12. Alaves – 24 points
13. Rayo Vallecano – 22 points
14. Villarreal – 22 points
15. Real Mallorca – 19 points
16. Celta de Vigo – 18 points
17. Cadiz – 17 points
18. Seville -16 points
19. Grenada -12 points
20. Almeria – 8 points

current status table

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