Aid called for to promote addiction prevention programs and emotional well-being

The Department of Health, through the Institute of Public and Occupational Health of Navarra (ISPLN), is published in BON three grant call For Finance addiction prevention and emotional well-being promotion programs. These calls, with the provision of more than 770,000 eurosThe aim is to promote social action in health.

Local and social organizations that can develop addiction prevention and emotional well-being promotion programs Submit your application by 27th FebruaryElectronically, through the portal

The assistance is aimed at projects undertaken during the period between December 1, 2023 and November 30, 2024. Programs should be aligned with the guidelines promulgated by the health department and especially with those whose objectives coincide with compliance. Navarra Public Health Plan 2022-2025. In 2023, 105 institutions benefited from support in health programs in these grant calls.

specific call

Each assistance is subject to its own call and has its specific file on the portal

  • Community program to promote emotional well-being 200,000 euros. Community programs and actions aimed at improving people’s health and emotional well-being based on equity criteria are carried out by local organizations, foundations, social initiative cooperatives and non-profit associations.
  • Municipal Addiction Prevention Plan 310,419 euros, Programs aimed at community prevention of the consequences of drug and non-substance addiction, run by local organizations.
  • Community level addiction prevention programs 268,000 euros. Programs run by foundations, social initiatives, cooperatives and non-profit associations aim at community prevention of the consequences of drug and non-substance addictions.

The remaining ISPLN/NOPLOI annual calls related to health prevention and promotion, aging, emotional-sexual education and HIV-AIDS are scheduled to be published in the BON starting in April.

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