Alarm in Madruga due to the disappearance of another Cuban

CubitaNOW Editorial ~Friday 29 December 2023

A Cuban family in Madruga is on edge this week over the disappearance of a loved one.

The Cuban activist, who identified himself on Facebook as Edmundo Dantes Jr., said that although on other occasions he has been away from his home for several days, he has maintained communication with his family and this time it Is different.

“Close relatives asked me to share that Midel Vélez Ojeda has been missing in Madruga since Tuesday, after leaving home on Tuesday morning and not returning,” the Cuban said.

“They also told me that he is lost two or three days ago but he always answers, the fear of the family members is that this time he does not give any signal, nor answers the phone, in Madruga Many boys have also done this.” Lost and dead”, he added.

“Any information, mom’s number 58763261,” he explained before ending the wave of violence in Cuba.

For example, this Thursday young Eugenio García, who was reported missing in the eastern province of Holguín, was found dead.

Cuba’s Adri Diaz, who has been following the case, confirmed the unfortunate news.

“Oh my God, how sad, why are there so many bad people in this life. “Mayari has become a city of polite and nice people,” he wrote.

“They found Eugenio in Arroyo Hondo. “My condolences to his family, friends and everyone involved in the search for him since the day he went missing,” he said.

He concluded without giving further details about the matter, “Fly high and may God accept you into heaven like the angel that you are.”

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