Powerful Ritual of Mahoney Vidante to Attract Prosperity and Wellbeing in the Year 2024

famous astrologer Mahoney Vidante recommends a new ritual to attract prosperity and well-being for the year 2024 Which can be done from 1st to 7th January. Know the details.

The year 2023 is coming to an end, so the Cuban tarot reader explained on his YouTube channel a ritual to be able to receive 2024 with abundance. This coming year is considered to be the year of Archangel Michael, who symbolizes power, protection and prosperity. I also recommend doing this with confidence and in person.

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Ingredients for performing rituals of prosperity and happiness

  1. Medium sized glass jar.
  2. White or brown rice.
  3. Masur lentils.
  4. Birdseed.
  5. corn.
  6. Five red apples.
  7. Seven Machos Lotion.
  8. Whole cinnamon.
  9. Three bills of maximum amount in your country.
  10. Attractive perfume (this could be from the Macua bird or “I Can More Than You”).
  11. Holy water.
  12. Gold glitter.
  13. Sugar.
  14. crystal glass.
  15. Tequila, rum or mezcal.
  16. Red Candle or Red Sirius.

Step by step to perform the Mahoney Vidante ritual

  • Personal Cleansing: Bathe before the ritual using Siete Machos lotion, attractive perfume or macua bird. Recite the Our Father and the Hail Mary while applying perfume.

Preparation of Jar:

  • Fill the jar with a layer of rice.
  • Add a layer of dal.
  • Add birdseed to attract wealth and abundance.
  • Apply a layer of corn to ensure continuous work.
  • Add another layer of rice.


  • Place five apples in the center of the jar.
  • Apply Siete Macho Lotion to each apple.
  • Sprinkle whole cinnamon over apples.


  • Place two bills of the maximum amount you have in your country in the center of the jar.
  • Change these every month to maintain energy.

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Holy water:

  • Fill a glass cup with holy water.
  • Leave the bill submerged in water.

Sirius or Red Candle:

  • Apply exotic perfume or macua bird perfume to a candle or candle.
  • Move the candle or censer across your body while praying the Our Father and the Hail Mary.
  • Sprinkle gold glitter and sugar around the cerio or candle.

Tequila, Rum or Mezcal:

  • Fill a glass with your choice of tequila, rum or mezcal.
  • Place the glass near a candle or chair.

switched on:

  • Light the candle or candle with a match.
  • See yourself with strength and energy for the year 2024.
  • Ask for help from the Archangels and especially Archangel Michael.
  • Burn incense from candle fire daily to purify the house.

Finally you have to maintain the ritual for a few days, for this you can change the apple every time it is almost rotten, change the bills, keep the candle lit until it burns out. Every month you will have to take out a part of the seeds and throw them outside the house.

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