Alberto Cormilot talks about his health situation after being hospitalized due to dehydration

On Friday night, he was immediately admitted due to dehydration. Alberto Cormilot (85) spoke about his health condition for the first time and gave peace of mind to all his followers.

In detail, the famous doctor, who arrived unwell last Friday with his wife at a clinic in the Buenos Aires neighborhood of Saavedra, Stephanie Pasquini (38), replied Leo Pecoraro (48) A message in which he assured that he felt “much better”.

Although the famous professional did not reveal whether he was still hospitalized or whether he had already been discharged, this Sunday he responded to a WhatsApp message to the above-mentioned journalist and told him: “I’m much better now, thanks!!”

Furthermore, Alberto, who received medical assistance at the Semik headquarters located in Galván at 4102, reported that due to his discomfort, unfortunately He “has a sore in his mouth that prevents him from speaking properly.” And, therefore, they reacted this way and could not transmit show run run (TV Chronicle).

Alberto Cormilot with his wife, Estefania Pasquini, and his son, Emilio. picture. Instagram

In a conversation with the host of Crónica cycle, Estefanía assured about his painting: “He was very broken and dehydrated. I brought him to the clinic so they could hydrate him quickly. Because the liquid alone wasn’t going to be enough, and by the way they’re doing a study to see if it’s viral, which it most likely is…”.

And when Pecoraro asked her if she wanted to make the same point on the air of her program, she replied: “I’m not here to talk. I am also vomiting and I am rotting, Emilio (his 2 year old son) and Alberto are in the same place. “I don’t even have the strength to speak and I’ve lost my mind.”

It is worth clarifying that, a few hours ago, the aforementioned institution reported in a statement that Cormilot was developing “favorably” with clinical improvement in their gastrointestinal status”.

Statement from CEMIC on the health condition of Alberto Cormillot.

The medical report released said, “He will currently be admitted to CEMIC Sede Saavedra University Hospital. We appreciate the concern and ask to respect the privacy of the patient and his family. The next report will be in 24 hours. ” To the press.

Meanwhile Pasquini said in a conversation with himself teleshow: “Alberto started with a breakdown. On Friday night I saw he was half lost, so I took him to a clinic for rehydration. There they did a study on him and he had to compensate with some electrolytes.”

At the same time, she distinguished her and her son’s case from her husband’s: “Emilio got worse, I was vomiting and my condition got worse and Alberto is suffering from the same thing. Issue is that He has a gene that any intestinal problems develop worse than any other.,

Post by Estefania Pasquini, wife of Alberto Cormillot. instagram screenshot

Furthermore, in her Instagram stories, the nutritionist thanked people for their affection and hinted: “Thank you all for your concern. All three of us suffer from gastroenteritis, which left Alberto dehydrated and unstable due to lost minerals. They are stabilizing him and he is doing better. All three of us are together. Thank you”.

This Monday morning, Alberto got medical discharge and it was Estefania who announced it. “We’re going to high altitude,” He wrote in a story on the above social network while reporting: “Emilio and I no longer have breakdowns or vomiting.”

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