Alexis Vega and other ‘victims’ of ‘Gentleman’s Pact’

We present cases similar to Alexis Vega’s experience with Chivas and we review how they were resolved.

Without being ‘revealed’ for six years, everything indicates that the so-called ‘gentlemen’s agreement’ reemerges in Liga MX In the face of disagreement that is alive alexis vega with ShivajA team in which an attacking player is not considered for the tournament to begin with, despite having a six-month contract.

The tenth number of the bunch will be added to the list of ‘victims’ of the ghost that allegedly no longer exists in national football. vega He has rejected offers to change teams, a position that does not allow the red and white club to benefit from transfers, because if Alexis leaves until the next tournament, he will do so freely, At no cost to the interested party. Sign it.

vega He trains separately from the rest of the team and does not participate in friendly matches, and other teams no longer consider him as a reinforcement option. All these circumstances allow us to remember the notorious ‘Gentleman’s Pact’,

Below we review other cases similar to your experience alexis vega with Shivaj And we review how they were resolved.

-Gerardo Torrado

The first case was presented in 2005 gerardo torado, former footballer gone cougar And played for several teams in Spain as a free agent. upon his return Liga MXAs with Cruz Azul, the cement team had to reach an economic agreement with Pumas for ‘training rights’ to wear the light blue colours.

-Aaron Galindo

For the next year, in 2006, Aaron Galindo He served a doping ban and returned to action with Hércules de Alicante in Spain. the machine refused galindo He continued his career in another club in Mexico, however, with the intervention of FIFA the situation was resolved in favor of the footballer.

-Gonzalo Pineda

panorama of Pineda bears similarity to the situation he is experiencing alexis vega by rejecting the offer of blue Cross, Shivaj They planned to transfer Pineda to Atlanta, however, the former Rebano player refused and completed his contract with the Guadalajara institution.

-Omar Bravo

Another case with Shivaj Involved. In 2009, Mexican forward Rabano left for Spain as a free agent, much to the irritation of the board as he had not brought any return to their coffers. Looking to return to national football, tigers He intervened financially to welcome the scorer.

-Osvaldo Alanis

Most recent issue first vegaAlso matches a player from Shivaj, Osvaldo Alanis He went through a similar situation, as with six months left on his contract, the central defender started talks with Real Oviedo to arrive as a free agent and fulfill the European dream. However, Shivaj As punishment, it was decided to send him to Under-20. still, AlanisChampion with Chivas under the command of Matías Almeida, left Guadalajara as an independent player.

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