Enemy Ending Explained – What Happened to Junior?

enemy It may not have been discussed that much saltburn Since its release on Prime Video, but enemyThe ending definitely brings a devastating twist for the audience to chew on as the credits roll.

“I found the twist at the end really inspiring; I really didn’t see it coming. For me, the center of the movie was such marriage story But on steroids,” star Paul Mescal explained. USA Today Surprise reveal.

“It was interesting to play those scenes with Saoirse (Ronan), using (elements of the genre) to liberate the turmoil you see in relationship dramas. I know film works for some people and it I don’t do it for others, but I got to play a character that’s really quite different from what I’ve done before.”

Based on Ian Reed’s novel of the same name, the sci-fi romance stars Mescal and Saoirse Ronan as married couple Junior and Hen, who live lonely, unhappy lives on an isolated farm in rural America.

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The year is 2065, and climate change is making the Earth uninhabitable. A company called Uttermore has launched a new program called Climate Migration Strategy to test the feasibility of new human settlements in space, while hoping to replace humans on Earth with AI clones known as ‘human alternatives’ .

In the first scene of the film, Junior and Hen have an unexpected meeting. Government representative Terrence (Aaron Pierre) informs them that Junior has made the shortlist for the program. During the next two years, they simply have to live their normal lives while Junior’s AI clone is created.

However, nothing is as it seems.

If you’re a little confused enemyWe’re here to help by explaining everything.

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Enemy Ending Explained: Who Is Junior?

that first scene of enemy It’s not what we thought.

The Junior we’ve been seeing since the beginning was actually a replacement AI, as the real Junior was already going to test the space settlement. That first scene was their first encounter, the AI’s first day at home.

This explains Hen’s nervousness around him, which we might have thought was a result of Junior’s general aggressive behavior. That’s why Terence asks Jr. to take care of Hein before he leaves, and why Hein tells her husband to sleep in the guest room.

After all, he is a complete stranger.

Terrence’s visits also indicate that he is monitoring Junior’s AI alternative rather than investigating their new human settler candidate.

He actually lives with them so he can conduct a series of interviews. Terrence says it is to create an AI biological version of Junior, but he is actually trying to monitor the copy and see how far his consciousness extends.

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Gradually, Hen and Ai Jr. find themselves reconnected. It seems that the clone can evolve in a way that Human Jr. never could. His passion is back, his toxic routine is slowly ending and he doesn’t get angry at everything she does, like playing the piano.

However, this was always a temporary situation.

The real Junior returns from his mission, and the copy is destroyed. The brutality of the situation hits everyone involved like a truck.

In fact, this experience has changed Hein forever. She’s not going back to that unhappy marriage, so arguments begin as Junior settles into the house again.

“We had dreams,” she tells her husband, reminding them of a time when they had bigger hopes than living on a dilapidated farm.

“There’s nothing for you there,” he replies. But, in reality, this may not happen.

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One day, the hen goes away. Her only goodbye to Junior is a blank letter on the kitchen table. There are no words left between them.

A short while later, Hein comes over for dinner, which surprises Junior. “It’s okay,” she says. “I’m here.” She is polite, cheerful and friendly – ​​everything he wanted in a wife. But this is not him.

Against the backdrop of this new marital bliss, we hear Hein’s voice saying: “All my life people have been telling me what I like, what I want, what I need. I had to be something different, someone And. But now I know. There’s only one of me.”

And the only true version of her is now sitting on a plane, headed toward a new life she’s been dreaming of for years. That promise of freedom and adventure is the last scene of the film.

We now understand that, during his absence, Hein provided his memories and image to create the copy sent to Junior’s door. We also assume that due to his suspicious look, Junior is aware that this is an AI option, but he doesn’t care much about it.

Now he has his ideal wife. The chicken is now free.

Paul Mescal, Saoirse Ronan, Enemy

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Following the film’s cinema release in October 2023, enemy Director and co-writer Garth Davis said he wanted the reveal to “feel as disturbing as the chicken factory itself”.

He described that moment, “They took off her clothes and killed her like an animal because she’s not human. The brutal truth of it, because she’s not human, they think they can treat her however they want.” Yes, it was very powerful for me.” They ‘kill’ the AI ​​version of Junior.

“From a directing standpoint, I loved the idea that every time the outside world shows its face, there’s a distinct difference. So, the green light at the beginning of the movie gave birth to her and then the pink light was her death. “

enemy Now available to watch on Prime Video.

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