Nearly a thousand telephone exchanges are about to become obsolete… What options does Venezuela have?

Nearly a thousand telephone exchanges are about to become obsolete… What options does Venezuela have?

Given the expiry of licenses and the end of technical support required for the maintenance of these communication networks, looking at what is being done within our country gives encouraging answers.

Many public and private organizations observed how since 2016, suppliers of hardware, software and licenses of big brands in the technology market stopped providing service in the country. And this led to a crisis due to economic conditions and emigration of elite human talent. But where there is crisis, there is also opportunity.

In the case of telephone exchanges (also known as CPAs) vital to the daily operations of hundreds of Venezuelan companies, following the departure of the main brands from the national territory, many of them remained in the hands of the most experienced personnel who had been operating for the last few years. This has also decreased over the years.

But despite this, even today there are about a thousand operating centers in Venezuela and the B2B (between businesses) and B2C (between businesses and customers) communications of thousands of companies in important sectors such as banking, hospitality, etc. depend on it. them., health or food at the national level. How can we not imagine what it means for them to stop counting their plants?

“The reality is that due to the natural tendency of obsolescence and modernization that plants require, updated services are critical in these systems. And given the need for these services in optimal conditions for companies, we present an option capable of integrating with equipment of any brand, to provide a telecommunications architecture solution within a telephone exchange, “Nicolas Ortiz, Explained the network expert and communications and director of Latamred Telecom.

The ideal solution he mentions is the communication rack for connection services in CPA IP, which attracted the attention of more than 20 thousand people attending the International Telecommunications Fair of Venezuela (FITELVEN), held from September 27 to 30, 2023 . in the Poliadro of Caracas, where Latamred, the holding company representing five telecommunications service companies, chose to show in a tangible and realistic way how to solve the complex situation of corporate telephone exchanges.

“Joining hands with great partners we introduced this solution in Fitelven, the application of which must be accelerated as it is no longer operationally viable to maintain already obsolete platforms. And a “snowball” effect is occurring, which, so to speak, has already descended half the mountain and if it is not stopped, it will take many people with it,” he warned.

Another reason in favor of implementing this solution for IP CPA is that, due to the replacement of equipment due to obsolescence, operators are also forced to modernize and improve the quality of services provided in the country. is done. It’s a win-win for everyone: suppliers, integrators and customers.

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