Alexis Vega wants to leave Chivas on good terms

The Chivas forward sought advice from AMFPro, where they told him that he could terminate his contract with the club if he remained away from the team.

Mexico.- alexis vega The last thing he wants is to fight Shivaj, All he wants is to reach an agreement with the red and white club and go play wherever he wants.

This is what Alvaro Ortiz told espn, President of the Mexican Association of Professional Soccer Players (amfpro) and said that alexis vega He contacted the organization he leads to ask for advice.

,alexis He asked us: ‘How do you see this matter?’ You are waiting to reach an agreement Shivaj And go, I don’t know if you are abroad or not, because according to the contract window set by FIFA, you still have this month to register in Liga MX,” says Álvaro Ortiz.

Alvaro Ortiz said he was told alexis vega Yes Shivaj They had already isolated him and they told him that it was not part of the plans, the player could terminate his contract due to the treatment he received from the Guadalajara club, which is supported by the FIFA rules that allow someone to have does not allow. Contract; However, the leader says that the Mexican National Team forward “hopes that a compromise is reached and that the problems do not continue. This is what he has to do and if not, Shivaj “You have to keep paying him.”

Despite this the plot continues alexis vega with ShivajAlvaro Ortiz confirmed that this should be fixed soon in the case of the World Cup player and said that “if alexis From the beginning he saw that they had him isolated, he could break the contract, file a lawsuit Shivaj And get out. They cannot force you away because you are not willing to go to another club; This is by order of FIFA.”

The manager then commented that it was wrong that ‘Gentlemen’s Agreement’ was re-appearing, which was removed amfpro In 2017-2018, and the proof of this is that Rogelio Funes Mori did not want to go to any club that Monterrey asked for him and the forward decided to sign with Pumas for his own happiness.

and in case of alexis vega Cruz Azul said it feels like Shivaj And the celestial planets already had a arrangement for the player, “but alexis “Maybe he didn’t agree with football or financial matters and he said I’m not going and that’s his right.”

He further adds that “I find it very strange Shivaj I worked that way, isolating a player, because this is a club that always tries to do things well” and in the case of Cruz Azul with Carlos Salcedo and Jesús Duenas, both under an existing contract. Additionally, he added that “It was poor management by the board. “Separating them, sending them to self-training.”

“None of these issues have reached controversy, but I have already spoken directly to Liga MX to let them know of these situations and the actions the league needs to take. It is in the transfer rules that individual players are prohibited from training elsewhere; We have it public on the page of the Mexican Football Federation (FMF), as copied from the FIFA statutes.

On the other hand, Álvaro Ortiz assured that after two years practically 100 debts had been paid to most of the members of the extinct Red Sharks of Veracruz; Additionally, League Cup champions some time ago also received commensurate payments, on par with MLS teams, Inter Miami, Cruz Azul and León.

“We applied pressure because the players were already frustrated; “All the champions made money at the same time.”

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