Can Mises Hospital in Ibiza has added two new specialists in internal medicine

He The health area of ​​​​Ibiza and Formentera has joined the internal medicine area of ​​Can Mises Hospital till Dr. Vicente Vidal Marrero Martínez and Dr. Fatima Boumhir Lendínez.

vidal marrero martinez Are experts in internal medicine and have twenty years of expertise in specialized care for chronic cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases as well as respiratory pathologies, infectious diseases as well as the care of critical patients in emergencies, hospitalizations, intensive care units, intermediate care Years of experience. , stroke units and post-operative care units for heart and coronary surgery. He is currently pursuing his doctorate in Neurosciences.

for its part, Fatima Boumhir Landinez He is an expert in internal medicine and has extensive training in the field of infectious diseases. He completed his training as a specialist at the University Hospital of Salamanca and currently worked as a physician at the Virgen de la Victoria University Hospital of Málaga until joining the Can Misiones Hospital. He also has a Master’s degree in Infectious Diseases and Advanced Antibiotic Therapy, and several specialist titles focused on tropical diseases and HIV, as well as specialized training at the national level, at the Hospital Clinic of Barcelona and abroad at the J. Also in Muniz. Hospital of Buenos Aires. His collaboration as a vocal member of the Infectious Diseases Group of the Spanish Society of Internal Medicine (SEMI) is notable.

Both of them leave the contract service internal Medicine On top of its authorized biological staff with 15 specialist doctors, however it must take into account some reductions in working hours and sick leave which reduce the actual number of operating physicians.

In addition, it has once again been placed with three appointments for the Medical Oncology Service, oncology With four specialists, this will allow the Internal Medicine Service to fully recover the activity since for months the burden of caring for hospitalized cancer patients has been falling on its professionals.

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