All about the first restaurant that will be set up in space and have Michelin stars

A chef with two Michelin stars will set up a restaurant in space
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It sounds like science fiction or a crazy idea, but no, technological progress is increasing rapidly and with it, various developments are announced every day that may even seem ridiculous. The truth is that this week, a chef with two Michelin stars and a space services company publicly revealed that they are planning to set up a restaurant in space, to give diners a unique, different and distinctive experience. yes.

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The luxury restaurants found on earth are no longer enough and hence, the perspective is to raise the bar. This view is expressed by Rasmus Munk, a chef from Copenhagen, Denmark, who has received Michelin recognition for his Alchemist food establishment. Together with the company SpaceVIP, they partnered to offer a recreational excursion 100,000 kilometers above sea level.

As explained on his Instagram account, Rasmus is very excited about this project that will undoubtedly revolutionize the way we eat from now on. It is estimated that the first tests will begin in April 2024 and the first official flight will be launched from Kennedy Space in Florida in 2025.

A commercial aircraft usually travels at an estimated altitude of between 31,000 kilometers to 42,000 kilometers, but with this advancement, people will be much higher than conventional. From the ship Neptune, diners will observe earthly wonders while tasting a space menu. In total, the journey will last six hours.

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