Amazon sells portable homes for less than half a million pesos

As the years go by, acquiring a home can become more complicated, making it harder to youth can find their place To live independently and carry out one’s own activities.

But just as there are some setbacks, there are also some positives, and there are renowned online stores Amazon Offers a solution to this problem that may be troubling young men,

And it’s not just me Mexico but also in other countries, and in a young person United States, especially Californiashared his experience of buying one of these houses.

Young man bought a prefab house on Amazon for less than five lakhs

it was through your account TIC Toc He Jeff Bryant He announced that he had invested the inheritance left by his grandfather in a portable home, which he purchased through Amazon.

,I’m 23 years old and I just bought a house on Amazon,

Similarly, he alleges that: “People my age are told that we can’t afford a house, But I’m proof that it’s possible,

As he said, its total cost was 24 thousand dollars, but after paying taxes it increased 26 thousand, which is equivalent to the current exchange rate of 444 thousand Mexican pesos.,

According to the sample, it has a living space, an integrated kitchen, a bathroom Pipeline service and additional space, Apparently to make a bedroom. However, he assures that the ceilings are quite low, plus some of the materials may be of low quality.

Similarly, it highlights that these houses are laptop And it was deployed by five people in just 27 minutes.

Undoubtedly, this can be an excellent option for those who want to create their own space; But for those who decide to purchase them, there are some related issues to be resolved, such as the location where they can be placed, drainage, how to connect water and electricity services, or whether the area in which they find themselves Planning to install. The possibility of damage from possible weather events or natural disasters.

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