MC Mutual launches a program to support the emotional well-being of its employees – RRHH Press

Formatting. MC MutualA mutual partner with Social Security has launched a program to promote emotional health of your template.

With this initiative developed in collaboration with Galatea FoundationCreated by the Council of Medical Associations of Catalonia to promote the physical and mental health of the medical community, the mutual society equips its employees with the necessary tools to face emotional challenges and promote better well-being in their work and personal environments. Wants. ,

will participate in the program 60 minute personal consultation With psychological professionals, ensuring complete confidentiality. In addition, open webinars and emotional management courses will be offered in small groups to encourage the development of emotional skills.

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As a supplement, mutual insurance company employees will have access to Galatea AppMobile application that provides self-assessment tools and acts as a complete guide to all available activities.

The project has been prepared healthy organization management system (SIGOS) of MC Mutual, which in turn guarantees that the company has established a management system aimed at improving workers’ safety, health and welfare, sustainability and social responsibility.


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