The secret of well-being Anna Kendrick is a species of herbaceous

The actress and singer Anna Kendrick recently gave an interview in which he revealed the secret ingredient in your routine of well-being. This spice special causes Kendrick to continue and gives you the energy you need to film movies successful, including the famous Twilight Saga. So what is this mystery ingredient that was inspired to … Read more

To Gwyneth Paltrow came out with competition, Halle Berry launches an application of beauty and well-being

Updated 27/04/2020 13:31 Halle Berry is one of the celebrities that ms active est during the quarantine on the social networks. We have seen share their recipes healthythe caeros exercises she does to stay in shape (small abdominal!) and until we have been delighted with a homemade mask. All of these tips beauty and a … Read more

Pajamas luxury: Comfort and style without sacrificing the well-being – The

Undoubtedly one of the consequences (or advantages) of this confinement time in the home, is that it has allowed us to enter into the intimate world of personalities that we admire, those who now share in, without beating about the bush, your home life in social networks. A stroll through Instagram, for example, makes it … Read more