Beethoven’s favorite drink is the new elixir of longevity and happiness, according to this Harvard guru

beethovenI can’t start the day without it coffee, It is said that he even counted the grains required for a good cup. Austrian musician tells it Anton Schindler, Beethoven’s great biographerIn its biography of ludwig van beethoven (1988). This genius developed the astonishing ability to prepare morning coffee. His key was to grind 60 grains (about 8 grams of ground coffee) and then strain it into a glass coffee pot that he designed himself. Love for coffee isn’t just limited to musicians ninth, this has also happened Favorite drink of great geniuses As juan sebastian bach, Voltaire -It is said that he drank about 40 or 50 cups a day-, Kierkegaard -There were over 50 different cups to enjoy- or franklin -Regular at London’s big cafes-. creative elixir for them, nominates the latest research Coffee as the new elixir of longevity, and not only. They also play a role in our well-being and happiness.

Why couldn’t Beethoven or Balzac live without coffee?

American author explains Mason Curryauthor of Daily Rituals: How Great Minds Find Time, Find Motivation, and Get to WorkThat “this should not surprise us. Caffeine is a strange drug with powerful health effects– Helps you focus and concentrate, prevent drowsiness, and accelerate the frequency of updating new ideas with only minimal discomfort. And the ritual of preparing coffee serves as a gateway to creative mood“. As he himself explains, balzac Wrote: “Coffee goes into the stomach and Initiates all mental processes, The formations advance in a route column like the battalions of the Grande Armée. Memories emerge doubling, carrying banners that will lead the soldiers into battle. Light cavalry gallops. The cannons of reason roar with their supply carts and shells. Brilliant ideas join the fight as snipers. The characters have donned their suits, the paper is covered in ink, the battle begins and ends with a flow of black fluid as if a real battlefield is surrounded by the black smoke of spent gunpowder. If there was no coffee, you would not be able to write, that is, you would not be able to live.,

“I think that A good cup of coffee makes you happy and if you drink it with a friend it will make you happier Happy, I found a sign in a coffee shop near where I live in Boston that said Coffee is the basis of consciousness, I believe coffee is the most amazing thing we can do to celebrate life, develop friendships, be more creative. Enjoy Life“The doctor explains Sanjeev Chopra, Distinguished Professor of Medicine at Harvard Medical School. In addition to being the world’s leading expert on happiness and longevity, he has recently published in Spain coffee magic elixir (Larousse, 2023).

Besides, Coffee is the new elixir live long, As Sanjeev Chopra explains, his The health benefits are immense And, for the most part, they are not known well enough. It turns out that coffee drinkers… less riskyseven from suffering from cancer General, Liver Cirrhosis, Type 2 Diabetes, Parkinson’s Disease, etc. till prevent diseases, people who drink coffee regularly live longer. As he states in his book coffee magic elixirResearch shows that Telomere length (Telomere length is considered a major “aging biomarker” at the molecular level) is higher in people who exercise, meditate, follow a Mediterranean diet, and drink coffee. “And the most amazing thing: This is not because of the caffeine., However, caffeine consumption is linked to shorter telomeres. Coffee consumption linked to longer telomeres, That is to say, there are thousands of components in coffee (and not just caffeine) that make it very beneficial to health. Would Beethoven have known?


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