CADECA announces exchange rates for March 12, 2024

The Network of Exchange Houses in Cuba (CADECA) has published its official exchange rates for March 12, 2024.

This information is essential for both travelers visiting Cuba and Cubans who plan to receive foreign currency on the island through ticket reservation platforms.

The published exchange rates for today are as follows:

At CADECA offices:

– Canadian Dollar (CAD): Buy 87.20477, Sell 93.43638

– Swiss Franc (CHF): Buy 133.91789, Sell 143.48346

– Euro (EUR): Buy 128.47800, Sell 137.65500

– Pound Sterling (GBP): Buy 150.72204, Sell 161.48790

– Japanese Yen (JPY): Buy 1.24903, Sell 1.16331

– Mexican Peso (MXN): Buy 6.99715, Sell 7.46995

– United States Dollar (USD): Buy 110.40000, Sell 123.60000

In Cuban airports and hotels:

– Buy Canadian Dollar (CAD): 87.20477

– Swiss Franc (CHF): Buy 133.91789

– Euro (EUR): Buy 128.47800

– Pound Sterling (GBP): Buy 150.72204

– Japanese Yen (JPY): Buy 1.24903

– Mexican Peso (MXN): Buy 6.99715

– United States Dollar (USD): Buy 110.40000

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Cubans who wish to officially acquire freely convertible currency (MLC) can do so through the Cuban Stamp application.

This application allows users with a mobile device (Android system) and internet access to receive tickets, allowing them to reserve an appointment without being physically present at the location.

It is important to know that the customer must present his identity document and he is entitled to US$100 or equivalent in MLC. The currency you will be provided will be available at the time of the transaction.

If you don’t know how to buy Cuban Tickets application, you can use through this link,

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