How to Train Your Daily Happiness with This Dutch Forester’s 3-30-300 Rule

When Dutch forester Cecil Konijendijkis also the director of Nature-Based Solutions Institutequantified Need for green spaces in citieswhat he was really giving us is the key to training daily happiness by encouraging our contact with nature. 3-30-300 rule This is the proportion of nature we all need to benefit our mental health. He says that we all should look from the window of our house. three trees, two live next door to one 30% tree cover, And three is one Park or forest at maximum 300 meters, The arrival of spring has inspired us to propose these 3 daily habits To reconnect with nature, even if you live in a city.

How to Train Your Happiness with the 3-30-300 Rule

Designed to rethink urban green spaces 3-30-300 rule It also invites us to mobilize individually to take advantage of the nature that is close to us. many scientific research has strengthened the power of natural environment For balance stress, make us feel better and improve our satisfaction in life, need to be in contact nature This is part of the wisdom of many cultures: norwegian kos till Japanese shinrin-yoku, Spain also has a deep natural and rural tradition., growing movement of return to towns What has been experienced in our country is driven by the need to reconnect simple and natural life Which we associate with more happiness. We take a look at the 3-30-300 rule to help you train your happiness day by day.

spring Doing so is one of the favorites because it allows us to enjoy fresh air and sun, apply like this 3-30-300 Rule to Increase Your Happiness like this:

  • One, Plant 3 plants in your home and take care of them, Planting plants at home brings progress air quality Help us improve our homes mood And this creativity, Some plants recommended by feng shui are meant to attract happiness Orchid, Rosemary, Basil, Brazilwood or Fern,
  • Walk consciously under 30% trees, with we go in good weather More from one place to another. Choose to walk instead of taking a bus or car. our cities are full Tree Due to which you can get a lot of welfare. Pay attention, listen as you walk in its shadow sound of wind or birds between its branches. a study of University of Sussex -Published in magazine global environmental change– found that being outside contributes to happy Life, Being active in outdoor environments or even watching birds also increased happiness levels.
  • Discover parks that are 300 meters away from your home and make them one 20 minute tour, The studies conducted by are as curious as University of Alabama ,Factors associated with changes in subjective well-being immediately after visiting an urban park.,– which shows that a 20.5 minute trip to a park improves satisfaction with life,


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