Endorphins: 20 habits that release the hormone of happiness and well-being

hormones of happiness Are four neurotransmitters which our body uses to balance our mental and emotional health, serotonin, oxytocin, dopamine And endorphinAccording to “Most Enjoyable”. Doctor in Psychological and Neuroscienceana asensio, endorphin They are best known as the happiness hormones, but to the expert, they are Wellbeing, peace and feel good hormones, “A very good feeling endorphin That’s what we will have after playing the game: we are Rest, at ease with your body and mind“, he explains in his new book Neuro Happiness: Discover the Power of Brain Chemistry to Improve Your Life (Roka Editorial, 2024).

What are endorphins and what are they for?

This word was invented more than 40 years ago endorphin It is made up of two words: Endogenouswhich means inside the body, and morphine, an opioid painkiller. endorphins are chemical substances Which our body produces. They are located in Nervous system And synthesize in Brain, especially in the pituitary gland and hypothalamus. “This is where endorphins find receptors, to which they bind to transmit their neuronal chemical message (…) and Create feelings of happiness, excitement, pain and well-being“Psychologists say. The human body produces more than 20 types of endorphins, each with specific functions. endorphin interfere with vital processes as important as:

  • they help you control mood And also emotions on daily basis difficult moments Of life.
  • They reduce stressthey contribute Calm, Improve sense of humor, reduce anxiety and depression. they trigger dopamine release,
  • improve self-esteem, Studies indicate that endorphins may increase faith And improve self-esteem.
  • These are natural analgesics that reduce feeling of pain And the way we understand it.
  • These reduce inflammation And, in general, calm the immune system.
  • they play a role in appetite regulation,
  • They support cognitive functions such as Memoryproblem solving and Attention,
  • they help release sex hormones and influence romantic relationships,

What is the difference between endorphin and dopamine: two hormones of happiness

“The endorphin they have been released faster than dopamine, while the activity continues. The release of endorphins sends a signal to neurons to release dopamine,” experts say. mental health usa, “The The effect of dopamine also lasts for a long time“Compared to the effects of endorphins, which subside within minutes of their initial release.”

How to Release Endorphins in 20 Habits

presence of endorphin It is necessary in our body. In fact, when this does not happen, its lack manifests itself “low energy, low pain tolerance, and paranoid, obsessive thinking“Ana Asensio explains. That’s why practice matters healthy habits which balances the production of endorphinsS. Food is key, but not only that. We propose 10 effective gestures to activate them:

  • eat foods rich in Omega 3 In form of fish Or crazy,
  • dedicate 20 minutes a day aerobic exercise, For example: walking, running, cycling, swimming or dancing, moderate exercise and pull They are good for releasing endorphins.
  • Hear music or learning play an instrument Musical.
  • Practice healthy sex, It is one of the strongest activators of endorphins.
  • remember the good times of your life. By doing this the production of endorphins gets activated.
  • Include foods rich in Vitamin B: Meat, fish, eggs, etc.
  • give yourself a massage, Any relaxing activity is good for generating endorphins.
  • Take care of your dreams. sleep well And endorphins are released at the required time.
  • do something creative:paint, knit, write…creative and emotionally enriching activities improve mood and cause the release of endorphins
  • Have meal spicy one of two dark chocolate,
  • beam self service Or practice some charitable activity that gives you satisfaction with life.
  • set aside a few minutes every day concentrate, As a relaxing activity it is good to calm you down.
  • Laugh Very. Laughter is endorphin’s good friend.
  • enjoy the silence While walking in nature or reading a book.
  • Hugs and kisses. Displays of affection naturally release endorphins.
  • beam future plans: Plan a trip, plan a project. Endorphin rush!
  • put one sad movie, According to Oxford University, it increases emotional response.
  • stay with yourself With friends and loved ones, Social relationships make us happy and create well-being.


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