LeBron James breaks silence after ankle injury against Kings

LeBron James has maintained a high competitive level in NBA basketball even at the age of 39 and given the demands of the league, ‘King’ He is not exempt from suffering injuries in his actions during the season.

on this occasion Los Angeles Lakers reference sounds alarm after suffering ankle injury who prevented him from finishing it; LeBron limped to the locker room during the game against the Sacramento Kings,

J.AIIMS was treated by doctors from Crypto Arena And immediately put the matter to rest: “I am alright”,

“It’s just my ankle. This is what I’m dealing with before the break (referring to the All-Star Game), after the break. “I’m handling it the best I can.”pointed towards ‘King’.

“I played the whole third, sat down a little bit to start the fourth, and when I came back, it was like… whatever. Some games are better than others. I didn’t feel it at all against the Oklahoma City Thunder, and I didn’t feel it at all until the fourth quarter tonight. So every game, every day is different.”LeBron said.

LeBron was out of action last season after suffering an injuryBut he was able to return in the final stages of the season to give his team some mental boost.

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