Einstein’s key to finding happiness and peace in difficult times

It is well known that music and math He has contributed a lot in this. Great musicians have been mathematicians – this is the case mozart– and great mathematicians have been musicians – is the case Albert Einstein, music was for them Nobel Prize in Physicsmore than a hobby, During an interview in 1929 saturday evening postSaid “If I wasn’t a physicist, I’d probably be a musician.”, What’s more, “I look at my life in terms of music. My violin gives me the greatest joy in life“Einstein found a firm support for himself in music emotional life, ,I can’t imagine my life without playing music, In hard timeand me too Happycan face yourself And to the world because I always had that escape. It makes the individual free and independent,” he says he wrote to one of his grandchildren, heir to the last brilliant violin Of quantum physics.

Einstein’s key to finding happiness and peace: music

it appears that Einstein About ownership ten violins throughout his life. He gave them all the same name: Lena, The son of a professional pianist, Einstein discovered music from an early age. It is said that he went At the age of 13, when he heard Mozart’s sonatasOne of his favorite pieces, the moment he decided to make it music your life partner, Those who knew him confirm that wherever he went, He always carried his violin case with him, Because “Within artistic expressions, music occupies a prominent place. Great music expresses the inner voice of the human soul, a reality that is close and distant at the same time. ‘With three notes’ he said mendelssohn– I am capable make you feel so much more That with three hundred words’. It is the key to enter into the interior of man and better understand his mystery (…) Our me more real and intimate lives in a state that is very deep, inaccessible to us,” the reason is conductor inigo pirfano in his book a new melody (Destiny, 2023).

How Einstein overcame moments of mental or emotional blockage

one of the greats Biography of talent, walter isaacsonauthor of Einstein, his life and his universeWrites: “Music was not mere entertainment. On the contrary, it helped me think,, Einstein’s second wife, elsa einstein Confirmed: “music helps you When he thinks about his principles. He goes to his studio, comes back, plays some chords on the piano, writes something, goes back to his studio.” His son does the same. hans albert: “Every time I felt like I had reached the end of the road or faced some difficult challenge in this work, He took refuge in music and it solved all his problems. difficultiesAnd Isaacson says, music for Einstein was “a connection with the underlying harmony of the universe.” creative talent With great musicians and others who felt comfortable connecting with more than just words. Was astonishedIn both music and physics, for beauty of harmony,


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