Oxytocin: 10 ways to release the hormone of happiness and love, which is important in the second half of your life

oxytocin This is one of the four hormones of happiness, “is she biochemical symbol of empathy who is in charge of emotional intelligence“, explain it Psychiatrist Marian Rojas Estape, best way to release it Physical ContactThe throat And this kisses, In fact, one of the world’s leading experts on oxytocin American neuroscientist Paul Jack Professor and author at Claremont University molecule of happinessrecommends giving 8 hugs a day The best way to balance our oxytocin levels. However, they must true, conscious and heartfelt embrace, We tell you why.

also known as love hormoneThe oxytocin happens in hypothalamus and is released into the bloodstream pituitary gland, plays a very important role in Reproduction and in the building social connections, but not only that. Recent research done by Tokyo University of Science It has been shown in mice that it may also have an important role in cognitive processes. learning and Memory, “He’s very present in the moment Childbirth and Breastfeeding And, in addition, it has a role as a neurotransmitter and is involved in all Human Relations, For example, in behavior related to faithThe empathyThe kindnessBuilding of; construction of Link And this compassion, Its presence also interferes fear regulation“, Indicates psychologist ana asensio in his new book Neuro happiness: discover the power of brain chemistry to improve your life(Roka Editorial, 2024).

What is the difference between oxytocin and cortisol?

oxytocin contributes to us mental health and can help us move from stress to empathy, This is how it explains Psychiatrist Marian Rojas Estapeauthor of Find your vitamin person: “He cortisol This is the hormone that is activated in moments of warning, danger. When a person is constantly worried about something, he becomes addicted to cortisol and this gives us Prevents oxytocin from working in the right manner. Vitamins help us reduce anxiety And, with just one HugWe will feel more confident to face that challenge.” That is to say, “When we have too much cortisol we have too little oxytocin, It is difficult for us to be empathetic when we are stressed. And, Although we are not determined by hormones, they still influence us powerfully., Therefore, knowing how they work can help us better manage ourselves and our relationships with others,” he explains.

Oxytocin in the second half of your life: the key to life satisfaction

One of the most interesting discoveries of Professor paul zach is related to Oxytocin and ageAccording to a study conducted in 2022, one of the reasons for this is People feel more satisfied with themselves as they age the thing is that They care more about their teammates and that is related to oxytocin levels, Although this is not a statement that can be applied to all people – not everyone becomes kinder and more gracious as they age – “this is the first time it has been shown that there is a clear change in the production Oxytocin with social behaviorNeuroscientists say. This discovery allows us to confirm that The more love there is in our actions, the more happiness hormones the brain will produce, kindness releases oxytocin,

10 Ways to Release the Hormones of Happiness and Love

According to psychologist ana asensioyou can help your brain release oxytocin practice these simple daily habits related to emotional gestures,

  • Hug, “A simple embrace can be a level of liberating oxytocin Of the body. Also having sex or receiving a gift” (…) “The fact that triggers the secretion of oxytocin is the fact of thinking about the other person affection and desire to please you“Experts say.
  • yes for pets, The company of our pets creates positive emotions in us.
  • give yourself a massage: Physical contact is an oxytocin stimulant.
  • say something nice To the other person. “When we support others and we encourage“We help others and that action comes back to us.
  • listen to others, “Is somewhere else Incredible To increase oxytocin.
  • pay attention to what you do, multitasking General stress, oxytocin’s bad companion.
  • Attention, “It’s a valuable tool for eliminating fear and releasing oxytocin.”
  • Practice moderate physical exercise,
  • Shout, release us emotions Helps in releasing oxytocin.
  • practice generosity, charitable activities and self serviceThe Solidarity And kindness is the friend of the hormone of happiness.


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