The Surprising Qualities That Make You Happy (If You Practice the Harvard Happiness Guru’s 4 Keys)

Which one is that quality he can help us be happy According to Harvard happiness expert Arthur Brooks? Neophilia. neophilia It is a term used to define a person who experiences strong push towards new, both objects and experiences. The development of communication has contributed to the use of this term, popularized by the author robert anton wilson to qualify people addicted For latest technologies. Like many things, neophilia can become a problem. In psychology, neophilic behavior is associated with a behavioral problem characterized by passion for the new to the point of controlling our actions or our perception of ourselves, Recently, happiness expert Arthur Brooks has invited us to reclaim the positive concept of neophilia. Harvard University professor believes this the basic ingredient of our happiness,

4 keys to practicing the quality of life that makes you happy, according to a Harvard expert

“Neophilia is love or enthusiasm for the new or novelAnd can lead to happiness,” explains Brooks. Neophilia is related to happiness to the extent that it is associated with extraversion and Extraversion is a great predictor of happiness, “Neophilia also makes us happy because it is a engine CuriosityOne of the basic positive emotions of human beings (the second is Happiness)”. According to a Harvard expert, you can fuel your healthy neophilia with these 4 keys,

  1. Question your tastes and experiment, We think that our tastes are set in stone and that we can’t change them, but that’s not true. “create one List of things you don’t like And which you generally avoid. Then, go through the list and start trying those things. food is a good start, You can also go to places and participate in activities you would normally reject,” invites Brooks.
  2. Choose curiosity over comfort, “Write one List of new experiences and ideas Try and explore, one a week.” For example, “If you’ve never read fiction—not because you don’t like it, but because you’re more accustomed to biographies—pick up a novel. If you always watch that old movie that you like, try a more recent movie; If you go to the same vacation spot every year, make sure you differentiate yourself,” explains Brooks.
  3. Avoid the trap of new for new’s sake, “if you’re very innovativeYou may already be following the tips above and reaping the rewards. “Rapid Consumption”: Do not buy any unnecessary item for two months. “Your interest is likely to shift from online shopping to more satisfying activities.”
  4. make more conscious decisions, “Research shows that when we are in crisis, take decisions more slowly Improves results. Since everything is urgent for the newlyweds, it will be beneficial for them to take their decisions more thoughtfully. For example, would you like to accept a job as a trainer? bungee jumping, put it to sleep, If you make this decision, spend a few days imagining your life in three years. At the end, ask for advice Some trusted friends.


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