Complaints about ice cream prices in the Cuban state of Coppelias

Inflation on the island continues to rise and complaints about state ice cream prices abound in Cuban Coppelias. And criticism comes from all sides, from ordinary citizens to government journalists.

Journalists from the official media themselves complained this week about the high prices of ice cream in the state, which they also described as “distortion” (a fashionable word these days) and should be reviewed. The same happened from Santa Clara, Villa Clara to the center of Cuba, where its Coppelia seems empty, although it has a wide offer.

Belquis Vidal, a journalist for local TV Telecubanacan, told the network that “the images speak for themselves”, as in the group of images the unit appeared completely empty, although it did have ice cream for sale. But the prices seem prohibitive.

“It is a panorama of the symbolic Coppelia of Santa Clara after the increase in the prices of its products. As they were passing by, a small group of youth with polytechnic education were very happy with the idea of ​​cooling off with delicious ice cream. They automatically left when they were surprised by the exorbitant prices. One of them had the phrase: Damn it, how expensive, it’s true that when someone invites you to Coppelia it’s because they are millionaires, I quote, “wrote the official reporter.

Coppelia in Cuba: complaints about the price of ice cream

The reporter in question continued his complaints about the price of ice cream at Coppelia in Santa Clara, which should be the same for the rest of these state institutions throughout the country.

“These young people who wanted to enjoy after being in this place some time ago are still right there. The issue of dairy prices is undoubtedly one of the many distortions in the Cuban economy that must be reviewed as necessary,” he concluded.

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