Israel has increased the number of terrorists killed during the military operation in Gaza’s Al Shifa hospital to 150.

He israeli army already Killed about 150 terrorists In its military operation In this Shifa Hospital from the city of HoroscopeAccording to, the biggest in the strip israel defense forces (IDF).

“So far, forces have killed more than 150 terrorists in the hospital area, detained hundreds of suspects and detected weapons and terrorist infrastructure,” a military statement said.

On Thursday, the army said it had detained more people 500 suspects from Monday, some of which 360 have already been identified as members of Terrorist groups Hamas and Islamic JihadSome senior officers of military organizations.

”This is an operation with Highest number of terrorists arrested “Since the beginning of the war,” an army spokesman said last night, Daniel HagariRegarding the operation within Shifa, where they assure that “Civilians, patients, health workers and medical equipment were protected from harm”,

Israeli operations continue in Gaza’s Shifa hospital area (IDF)

Those arrested include Three senior Hamas officials In Western coast, Omar AzidaHead of the Nablus Committee; Mahmoud QuasmaWho “Planned and financed the kidnapping and murder of three Israeli teenagers in 2014”, And Hamdallah AliOne of the main promoters of “terrorist activity” in that region in recent years.

From Islamic Jihad, Hagari highlights his capture of the “chain of command”, which includes Mohammed JandiaCommander of the Shujaiya Battalion and deputy commander of the group’s Northern Brigade; Samir Abu Odeh, Commander of the Shati Battalion of the Rocket Unit; And Ahmed SamaraResponsible for the tunnels and military infrastructure in the north of the enclave.

Israel also reported that two other top Islamic Jihad members surrendered: husem salamaThe intelligence chief and head of the Gaza Brigade monitoring team, and his brother, Wissam SalamaIn charge of propaganda for the terrorist group.

With regard to its military activities in the rest of the Strip, the Army indicated that its aviation Attacked a tunnel and a military complex at the Centre, from where on Thursday he launched Shells towards Kibbutz BiriIn southern Israel.

Nahal Brigade, which also operates in central Gaza killed dozens of terrorists In recent days, with firing from snipers, tanks and aircraft.

Israeli soldiers have also continued their operations khan younisThe main cities south of the strip, and “They killed many terrorists in hand-to-hand combat”In addition to attacking military infrastructure including two complexes containing tunnels and booby traps.

“The soldiers of Givati ​​Brigade identified five terrorists who were a threat to the troops and killed them in a hand-to-hand encounter,” the Army said.

Apart from this he indicated that fighter planes carried out some attacks on the last day 40 objectivesSuch as launching pits and military complexes, and assisting ground troop movements.

(with information from EFE)

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