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The Apple Watch is probably the most iconic brand, but there are equally incredible alternatives out there. If you’re a fan of Google devices, the Pixel Watch is a high-quality option that has features like heart rate monitoring, similar Fitbit fitness tracking, and many other details. If its price has been prohibitive, this is your opportunity: smart watch It’s on sale for just $200, which is a lot less than the $350 it usually costs. Over 40% Off!

It is powered by Google’s Wear OS smart watch It can track everything (calories burned, steps taken, heart rate) while you’re connected. Plus, you’ll receive six months of Fitbit Premium with your purchase.

Available in four colors (sometimes even more), the Pixel Watch is a great choice for anyone looking for an alternative to the Apple Watch.

US$200 US$350 on amazon

Google's smartwatch basically does the same thing as the Apple Watch, just at a much lower price.  (Photo: Amazon)Google's smartwatch basically does the same thing as the Apple Watch, just at a much lower price.  (Photo: Amazon)

Google’s smartwatch basically does the same thing as the Apple Watch, just at a much lower price. (Photo: Amazon)

Why is it a good investment?

Apart from the huge discount, the Pixel Watch has another big attraction: its current price is the lowest in history.

Because you need it?

buy one smart watch It’s an excellent investment, even if you don’t like it suitability, They’re very comfortable: You can check and respond to text messages and even emails right from your wrist. You can even call! And there’s an SOS emergency feature that lets you discreetly alert your contacts if you feel unsafe. You can make payments through Google Wallet, check with Google Maps to see where you are going, and do many other things.

and if you like him suitability, wow, in that case, it smart watch is incredible. To get started, track your sleep, heart rate, and activity levels through Fitbit. You can choose from over 40 exercises and track every step of your workout (including minutes in the “active zone”, the range in which you burn calories). You can also measure your heart rate through the ECG app.

Apart from all this, the Google Pixel Watch is water resistant up to 50 meters and its dial is made of Gorilla Glass, so it will resist scratches and daily use very well. Considering that you also get six months of Fitbit Premium with your purchase, this watch can go everywhere with you, and it won’t stop until you do.

US$200 US$350 on amazon

What do the reviews say?

“The Google Pixel Watch has exceeded all expectations, putting it at the forefront smart watch Perfect for my wife! Its beautiful design perfectly combines style with functionality while its vibrant display is attractive and easy to use. The variety of fitness and health monitoring features allows you to easily monitor your well-being,” praised one user. “This is a great buy for anyone who wants smart watch first footing!”.

Another buyer wrote: “I’m always disappointed that Android users couldn’t have smart watch Really good. But now yes! The Pixel Watch does everything I want it to, plus its design is beautiful and it’s very comfortable on my thin wrist.

Another fan commented on the safety features. “I replaced my Garmin Lily watch with this watch. It was very easy to install. And I love the Fitbit app. The thing I like most about this Google Pixel is the emergency settings. I am 75 years old and feel safer when I go for a walk alone. “I walk with help on my wrist.”

The only complaint from users was related to battery life. “One downside is that the battery only lasts a day, which means you’ll have to charge the watch daily,” warned one fan. On the other hand, it is positive that the integration with my Pixel 6 is perfect and I think it is great to be able to pay at checkout with NFC from Google Pay. In general, if you are an Android user and looking for smart watch Stylish and functional, the Google Pixel Watch is definitely worth considering.

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