Andrés Guardado returns to Liga MX: how much will he earn in Lyon

After 17 years in Europe, andres guardado He decided to return to Liga MX. He will play for Club Lyon, which will allocate a good salary for a star who has played in five editions of the World Cup. How much will the little prince earn?

Guardado returns to Liga MX

andres guardado He debuted in Atlas in 2005 and moved to Europe two years later. He played for Deportivo La Coruña between 2007 and 2012; He then played one season at Valencia; Six months at Bayer Leverkusen and at the end of 2014 he arrived at PSV Eindhoven, where he stayed until 2017, when he was hired. BettisWhere he used to play till a few weeks ago.

based on differences with manuel pellegriniWith some discomfort at the lack of a prominent role in the team in recent months, Guardado decided that at the age of 37 and with five World Cups to his name, it was appropriate for this moment in his career to seek new directions. will be.

That’s why, after the search for Jorge Bava to replace Lucas Romero, a door was opened for the midfielder to return to Liga MX. He would play for Club Lyon and not for Atlas, exactly emulating the actions of Rafa Márquez, who was twice champion with Esmeraldas at the time.

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andres guardado salary

As reported by media Salary Sport, Andres Guardado earned a contract worth 1.8 million dollars per year at Betis – that is, about 30 million Mexican pesos. Now, to reach an agreement with Lyon, his income would be around $2 million – approximately 34 million Mexican pesos. Of course, rewards have to be added to this as well.

Thus, Guardado would receive the highest salary in the team, with this amount doubling the salary of Ángel Mena, who had received the most money up to this point.

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Betis Burn: Guardado Vs. pellegrini

Last December 21st, Betis was tied with Verona in La Liga and on that day, deep tension began to appear between Andres Guardado and Manuel Pellegrini. The thing is that the Mexican left the stadium before the game ended.

For this reason, in the next training session, Chiles reprimanded him for his actions and behavior. Thus, according to the site, a fierce fight broke out between the two in front of the entire team.

In the visit to Celta on 3 January, the engineer did not give minutes to Guardado, nor in the duel against Alavés for the Copa del Rey. Now, the Mexican, who played in five World Cups, spoke to Radio Sevilla.

Andres Guardado and Manuel Pellegrini

Nurfoto via Getty Images

What Guardado said about his relationship with Pellegrini

Andrés Guardado spoke to Radio Sevilla and confirmed that discussions existed. “Coach and I are like a married couple, we love each other very much and we also have arguments. There is no need to scare anyone with this, I do not see any controversy on any debate. We don’t like such internal things getting leaked, but yes, it happened, we argued, it was a strong discussion, but this is not the first time. Everything was done in three and a half years, a lot of progress was made. Everyone wants to win, we want the best for the team and nothing more. My relationship with the coach is perfect, it would be foolish for me to have a problem with him because I am here because of him, I am realistic, he was the main reason I stayed here for another year. But that doesn’t stop me from pointing out things when I see them, as is often the case,” he said.

To this he added a summary of what the relationship is with Chile: “When this type of discussion happens, everything remains the same, because it was strong, the coach has the right to make his decisions and it is on him. He will have to explain his technical decisions. But it must have been influenced by the fight that happened between us. Now we have reconciled, everything is the same. It is normal that when there is a crisis That’s the kind of information that comes in. Football is like that, when it looks like a project is floundering, shit starts to get pulled out from under the rug and everything starts to look bigger than it is. We both want to win, it’s “The most important thing for both of us is Betis, the group, it’s time to get it all together and win on Saturday.”

Finally, he clarified what the discussion was like and how he took Manuel’s statements. “No, everything has been explained, at the time of discussion, it seems a bit repetitive to me, but since this is not the first time… since others did not realize it and perhaps I did not even play a game or two game, no one gave it importance. Now in the recent present of the team the dots are starting to connect and it is being given more importance than ever before. Like many other times we had a conversation, we sat, had a long conversation and a- Said things to the other person’s face. Not everything has to be right, you have to say things to your face for everything to work, sometimes you can be impulsive and be wrong. If any of us It is only human to regret and apologize if one has made a mistake, the most important thing is to achieve Betis and our goals,” he concluded.

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