Amber Heard thanks fans after DC movie release

Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom It was released in theaters on 20 December. Amber Heard appears only for a few minutes in this film. Whereasaquaman 2 The actress, who is struggling to attract audiences to theatres, wanted to address her fans,

Amber Heard thanks fans for support after release

Amber Heard may not be in Aquaman 2

The least we can say is that the second part of the Aquaman adventure is struggling to attract fans. If Jason Momoa’s debut film in the lead role manages to cross the symbolic billion dollar mark in 2018, Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom Currently only $272 million has been recorded in revenue,

let’s remember thisaquaman 2 This is the first film in which Amber Heard has appeared since the lawsuit against her ex-husband Johnny Depp, The actress plays Arthur’s companion Merry, who the public was able to see for the first time in the film Justice League,

In 2020, A petition was started demanding Amber Heard be fired from the film, Fans felt she did everything she could to ruin Depp’s career in Hollywood. Then, in May 2022, Amber Heard caused controversy while she was in court stating that the director ofaquaman 2James Wan rewrote the script to significantly reduce his character’s scenes.,

Amber Heard in Aquaman 2

Effectively, Amber Heard appears only briefly in the final installment of Aquaman’s adventures, Only about ten minutes. For James Wan, the studio did not wish to oust the actress. in an interview with Entertainment Weeklythe director explained In this second part a script has been selected keeping Meera’s character in the background Comparison with the first film:

I always said that the first Aquaman would be about Arthur and Mera’s journey and the second would be about Arthur and Orm. The first was a mix of romance, action and adventure. Second, a mix of bromance, action and adventure.

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Amber Heard thanks her fans for their support

Thus, fifteen days after its releaseAquaman and the Lost Kingdom, Amber Heard wanted to address her fans by posting a message on her Instagram account. In her publication, the actress, who settled in Majorca, Spain, with her daughter and Bianca Butti, with whom she has shared her life since 2020, Expressed his gratitude to his fans “unwavering support, ,

“After so much time, Aquaman has made a splash (sorry, that’s too simple). Thank you to all my fans for the unwavering support and love for Mera’s return in Aquaman. Thank you so much.”

It’s almost certain that the public will never see Amber Heard again aquaman 3, Just like Jason Momoa… After this creation’s failure at the box office, the studio has not committed to producing any new episodes. Poor performance of this component actually reflects Audiences are tired of superhero movies, It remains to be seen whether James Gunn and Peter Safran, who have taken over the helm of DC Studios, will be successful in reversing this trend. Will be the first film in the new DCEU superman: legacy Which is expected to hit the theaters on July 9, 2025.

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