Amber Heard thanks fans for ‘huge support’ following Aquaman 2 release

Gerard Depardieu has been at the center of this scandal for some time. Following the broadcast of Starr’s further investigation, opinion about him is greatly divided but many are demanding justice. Tribunes and counter-opins were published on the French actor, which were signed by all kinds of stars. Opinions vary greatly, from the President of the Republic to Carole Bouquet. For his part, comedian Cave Adams wanted to share his opinion on the issue.

Speaking during the premiere of his new film “Maison de Retirement 2”, the comedian declared: “I think he’s definitely the greatest French actor. There’s no doubt about it, really. I love working with him. Like doing, I’ve learned a lot. And obviously, he never showed any inappropriate behavior on the film set, be it verbal or physical.”

Cave Adams is currently promoting his new film “Maison de Retraite 2”, a saga in which Gerard Depardieu has already appeared.

Cave continued, “I think many of you will have seen some extremely shocking footage. Obviously, I bow completely before the law, that was abusive, aggressive. If that was abusive in any way , then he should be disrespectful to anyone, obviously he should.” He will be punished for it, no matter what he has done or what he has created.”

However, the comedian concluded: “I didn’t see that, I didn’t see it with my own eyes. Yes, I have a lot of love for that guy and I think it’s a very, very big love. And I hope That everything is going well for him and if that is not the case, it is because justice would have decided otherwise as it would certainly be fair and deserved. But for him right now, I wish him all the best.”

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