America: Henry Martin assures that Chivas searched for him three times

Henry Martin Could have had a very different history within Mexican football, thanks to Chivas aroused interest on three occasionsThe same ones he rejected and which inspired him to establish himself as a role model in the iconic red and white rival America.

only in 2022 Gunner’s name strengthened in Verde Vale And this option did not seem disposable to him given how complicated his life as Azulcrema had become, although this was not the only time the sacred herd knocked at his door.

In an interview with David Medrano, Martin recalled the incident. His stay in Xolos had already aroused interestTo accumulate two other occasions in which no deal was closed.

“The first one was in Tijuana and before I broke my knee that day my representative came to me and told me, ‘Chivas is done’ and I broke my knee that day, “I was getting on the bus to go to the game with Tijuana and I broke my knee during that game,” he recalled.

“The second was when I transferred to America, I was between Chivas and America, then I met Piozo Herrera, we talked and I finally moved to America“, He added.

When Pelaez didn’t listen to Martin

For the Apertura 2022, it was Peláez who contacted Martín to discuss negotiations, although nothing progressed and in the end Santiago Ormeño arrived at Chivas, a move that the manager then had to explain was due to economic issues. Who stopped him from signing.

“The third was with Pelaez, who spoke and said, there they chatted about some things, He didn’t finish telling how it was. Santiago (Baños) comes to me and says: ‘We don’t want to stop your career, you won’t be able to play much here.’ I was going through bad times, my situation with the fans was fatal“I wasn’t bad with the club, but I wasn’t performing and in America you know you either have to perform or you leave.”

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