America hopes to continue counting on Alvaro Fidalgo in Liga MX

instruction of America is on the table some offers Of european club By alvaro fidalgoThe team therefore hopes to continue to enjoy all the contributions of the Spanish footballer, who has become key player to plan andre jardin, This is how he told it Richard Sanchez

“As everyone knows Fidalgo is a great playerHe is an excellent individual, obviously the coaches try to get the most out of him Thanks to Jardin for getting it to the level it is Also because of his confidence, because of his way of playing, he is a very technical player, physically impeccable, very good when it comes to driving. He is a great player, you can say he is See what happens, Like I said, I can’t tell you if he’s leaving or staying because we don’t really know, it’s time to enjoy the day. continue to enjoy its magic,

Brian Rodriguez may also leave America

The Paraguayan was also questioned about the possible loss of brian rodriguezwho has offer from Europe to play with fiorentina from Italy.

“Brian also knows that he can obviously help us There are about 10 days left for the passbook to close. So let’s hope it turns out best for the group. If you have to leave, we wish you every success. we are very close We need them too. They can contribute as I told you then We don’t know what happens, who goes or who stays So there are still 10 days left and we have a great team that can excel in all of this.”

Regardless of what both players mean within the Azulcrema community, they consider him squad won’t miss them In terms of level because of the quality of the players.

“Obviously someone will feel pain if they leave but obviously they are going to develop everything. The player wants to move and leave a mark. Or whatever, but we don’t know what could happen. Now they are focused on the game against Juarez, working on next week, complicated games, complicated games coming up.”

Little activity by Sanchez in Liga MX

Richard Sanchez He also took time to talk about how he is handling his issue small activity since it arrived Garden To the American bench.

“Well Each person works in the best way to be able to join the starting teamObviously the coach has to choose 11 and for example I didn’t have that many minutes, but when the time comes the teacher has to be ready, I speak for myself and all my colleagues when it’s time for them to come. If so, they come. Always comply, it speaks of the unity of the union team that each of us has. The teacher works best in search of the ideal 11.

The Paraguay team mentioned it mentally Have worked to not be discouraged by you have little activity,

“I think it’s professionalism Everyone has to work every day to get into the starting team and like I said, it obviously does. group association, The team that we have is the environment that a person goes through every day, so You know you have to be ready out there “When it’s your turn, you should be equally healthy and compete.”

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