Amid the failure of Aquaman 2, Amber Heard speaks out for the first time and thanks the public

After a long period of silence following rumors about the chaotic filming ofaquaman 2Amber Heard finally speaks out, but remains cautious.

it would be an exaggeration to say soAquaman and the Lost Kingdom This was one of the most incredible behind-the-scenes movies of the 2020s. Even if it saved the furniture more than The Marvels, Aquaman 2 With a worldwide box office gross of approximately $270 million at this time, Warners remains in financial trouble. After its chaotic filming and countless Rumors (behavior of actors, rewrites, reshoots)The film, with a budget of $200 million, faced a particularly violent reception.

To make matters worse, Amber Heard, who was almost fired from the film, opted to do the promo in radio silence. No interviews, no participation in shows or games like actors are used to… nothing. I’ve gone almost unnoticed Fully Transparent Marketing Campaignaquaman 2,

But this silence was finally broken by the actress Spoke for the first time after the release of the film (And we’ll probably have to settle for that).

Amber heard that she stuck her head out of the water

It is certain The actress has shared a shy post about the film on Instagram.First time after its release and rumors about this shoot… one of its kind, let us tell you.

“After so much time, Aquaman 2 rocks (sorry, that was too easy). Thank you to all my fans for their unconditional support and love for Mera’s return in Aquaman. Thank you so much

As a reminder, Amber Heard There are almost no scenes in this aquaman 2And director James Wan said it was planned from the beginning: First of all aquaman One focused on the romantic relationship between Arthur and Mera, but the other was always supposed to highlight the superhero’s half-brother Orm.

Aquaman: photo, Jason Momoa, Amber HeardTo think that the first Aquaman made a billion dollars at the box office

Aquaman 2 and Lost Hope

This sneaky statement doesn’t really shed any light on the chaotic situation surrounding filming, and it’s difficult to know whether the actress posted it herself, whether Warner got down on his knees and begged her, or whether an alien sent her The account has been taken over.

However, this little message won’t stop the inevitable: Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom have a financial failure Total for Warner, and the final nail in the coffin of the DCEU after the failures black adam, shazam 2, shine And blue beetle, Currently with around 300 million at the global box office, aquaman 2 already out of the oven shine…but must stay behind black adam (393 million).

first in 2018 aquaman Earned more than one billion rupees at the box office.

Never mind, all this chaos will soon be history. The DC cinematic universe will be completely rebuilt, including James Gunn and Peter Safran superman legacy In 2025. The absence of films from this DC universe in 2024 suggests that he and Warner will choose to take their time To release the next productions, and this is excellent news for fans.

The most impatient will be able to enjoy a CD between now and then Joker: Folie A Deux In French theaters October 2, 2024.

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