An allegedly very personal video of Mia Khalifa and Drake is a topic of discussion

An allegedly very personal video of Mia Khalifa and Drake is a topic of discussion

After the rumor of their sex tape, which made a massive splash on the network and made them laugh, after the leak of an alleged video with Mia Khalifa, without knowing it, Drake is still on Twitter for an unusual and very personal reason. Talking about them. As of now whether it is authentic or not.

Mia Khalifa and Drake’s affair rumor sets Twitter on fire!

A fan of rap, she has already shown herself enjoying Naps and Ninho’s hits. In 2015, in an interview with Media Complex, Mia Khalifa admitted that she had been privately contacted by a rapper whose stage name apparently ends with “Rake”. Mention of this. This celebrity may have sent him many appreciative messages in personal messages, telling him that it was embarrassing for him. According to the influencer, the situation was uncomfortable before the journalist mentioned Drake by showing a photo of the rapper, whose name rhymes with “rake”. The young woman later confirmed his identity in an interview, specifying that while his intentions were clear to her, she had tried to flirt with him before being suddenly rejected.

Drizzy has not commented on this statement at this time, and while an intimate video of him leaked on Twitter this week without denying whether it was actually him or not, another from this weekend Rumors are spreading that there is another private video with Mia Khalifa. “I just watched the Drake and Mia Khalifa video. What’s going on guys? Every day we watch a new video”Shocked by this sequence is the comment of an Internet user who, at the moment, has not responded to either of the two heroes and is causing discussion on Twitter, even if it could also be a porn montage.

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