Originator of revolutionary game in Cuba • Workers died

Felipe Guerra Matos, who was handed the Directorate General of Sports (DGD) by victorious leader Fidel Castro days after the revolution’s victory in 1959, died today at the age of 98, digital magazine Jeet reported.

Sports media repeated the message “We share the pain of family and friends”.

“Guerita”, as he was known, led the beginning of the changes Fidel envisioned for the revolutionary game. Vento wrote, “His loyalty and commitment is an enduring inspiration for Inder.”

Guerra Matos was chosen to lead the DGD by Commander in Chief Fidel Castro on January 13, 1959.

From that moment on, the guerrilla captain, who was born in 1926 in Manzanillo, in the present-day eastern province of Granma, was called several times by the historical leader of the Cuban Revolution, who, despite many other obligations, helped him to draw up strategies for the game. Time was reserved. , As Jit remembers, Guerita had the enormous task of organizing and launching the organizational, participatory and competitive structure of the national sport, as well as making reality the ideas and intentions of a revolution in the sector.

His work is in every medal, every performance, of the Cuban Games, in every youth who proudly sings the national anthem, on the stage, or simply as part of a delegation, the sports media conclude.

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