An elderly Cuban was stabbed to death in broad daylight

CubitaNOW Editorial ~Monday 12 February 2024

An elderly Cuban was reportedly stabbed in broad daylight in the eastern province of Santiago de Cuba.

User Angel Carmenate complained through social networks and asked for help in identifying him and finding his relatives.

“This man was stabbed at the 9 bus stop,” he said.

“Please, if there is anyone who knows him. “He says he is from Santa María, he is in the provincial hospital at the moment,” he said, without giving further details about the man’s health condition.


“As long as there is a lack of respect, it is not easy, no matter what their father may be, they don’t even value it”; “And where are the police, instead of patrolling and monitoring criminals who attack anyone without discrimination of age or anything, it’s something else, public order, I think that’s what it’s called. , and peace and quiet.” The citizen said. Some internet users.

“By God, how incredible is this, because of things like this they did not make any revolution, what happens is that the criminals do not feel the weight of the law, it is over, civil peace oh and the worst thing , Nobody sees anything, as they say in a song, where are we going?” Someone else asked the question.

Cuba is experiencing moments of great violence and insecurity, while the regime is trying to show a calm, peaceful and safe country.

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