Animal health and welfare at the Three Wise Men parade in Seville

For the first time, the Ateneo de Seville had a voluntary association for veterinary assistance to verify the good condition of the animals and carry out their control and monitoring, among other tasks.

For the first time, Ateneo de Seville volunteered for veterinary aid during the Parade of the Three Wise Men of Seville 2024. During the procession, María Olías Camero and María Dolores Olmo Torres, veterinarians registered at the College of Veterinarians of Seville, they came to receive the Bedouins’ horses, verifying the good health of the animals and ensuring their well-being and the safety of the riders and the general public. He was in charge of controlling and supporting them. among other tasks.

The veterinarians were fully prepared with a veterinary first aid kit and a support vehicle to ensure first aid and veterinary assistance throughout the route to cover possible cases of emergency transfer of horses if necessary.

Thanks to these control and prevention actions, the parade on January 5, 2024 took place peacefully with complete normality and without incident, and left evidence that the health and welfare of the animals is guaranteed in the first place for Their Majesties .


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