Animal welfare is impossible in bullfighting

He believes that “the introduction of the expression ‘animal welfare’ for the first time in bullfighting regulations is an attempt to hide the suffering endured by the animals in these shows”.


Monday, March 25, 2024

Animal activists criticize the draft of the decree on bullfighting shows in Castilla y León because they believe that “for the first time, the introduction of the expression animal welfare Bullfighting regulations are an attempt to hide the suffering endured by the animals in these shows”.

New rules for bullfighting shows

The Official Gazette of Castilla y León (BOCYL) published the resolution of the Civil Protection and Emergency Agency by which submit for public notice Text of a new regulation of bullfighting shows in Castilla y León.

Its objective is to combine, in a single lesson, formal spectacles such as bullfights, rejoicings or bullfights, as well as school and popular spectacles, including traditional ones, in which animals are tied with ropes by their horns or over fire. The shells are kept. head area

As he explains, the aim is to combine in a single lesson formal shows such as bullfights, rejoicings or calving, as well as schools and popular shows, including traditional shows in which animals are tied to ropes by horns. Is. Or balls of fire are placed in the neck area.

Similarly, they have also added new text to the regulation The expression involves eleven times animal welfareconsidered fifth pillar of regulation, and includes in its “general principles”, Obligation to “Guarantee” animal welfare During the development of the show.

chronological show

The National Association for the Protection and Welfare of Animals (ANPBA) calls the regulation “contradictory” and believes that the introduction of the expression for the first time animal welfare The bullfighting regulations are “an attempt to hide the suffering caused to the animals in these anachronistic shows.”

“Forcing the bull to rotate by holding it by the horns, or placing fireballs in the head area causes intense physical and mental suffering to the animals.”

As indicated by the ANPBA, there are “abundant” technical reports prepared by competent ethicists and veterinarians, which determine that “tying a bull by the horns and forcing him to tour, or head Keeping fireballs in the area is dangerous for animals.” “Severe physical and mental suffering”.

Thus, he highlights that “even The Superior Court of Justice of Madrid ruled in its ruling of 12 May 2000 that setting the bull on fire is mental abuse.that is, psychological abuse, and hearing The Provincial Council of Palencia states in its order of 20 January 2005 that tying a bull with a rope constitutes clear ill-treatment.”,


In calves, the regulation entitles calves to be nailed with flags having sharp, sharp steel blades up to 6 centimeters in length; calves, “on many occasions, are so small that they must be forcefully restrained for their own safety.” Screaming can be heard.” Mother”

On the other hand, in calves, the regulation gives the right to nail calves with flags having sharp and sharp steel blades up to 6 centimeters in length, calves that, “on many occasions, are so small that they can be heard screaming loudly Can go for his mother’s safety.

“And what can we say about black flagsauthorized by regulation, Cutting and stabbing steel blades up to 8 centimeters long, used to punish the bull for annoying and angering himWhen the bull manifests its intelligence as meekness and refuses to fight, believing that, by not attacking, it can avoid being attacked by humans in bullfights and bullfights,” he adds.

In the spectacle of bullfighting, it is intrinsically impossible for this to happen animal welfare

For this reason, ANPBA emphasizes that the new regulation “does nothing but accurately reflect, The Junta de Castilla y León, concerned by the growing sentiment of society against animal abuse, have considered the opportunity to enter expression animal welfareWhich does nothing but hide the immense and immense suffering that bullfighting causes cattle. To provide entertainment to minority audiences, since, in a bullfighting spectacle, this is intrinsically impossible. animal welfare,

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