Another exercise in impotence from Espanyol

Too short a tie. No one could take three points from A Malaita and Espanyol were not the first to be stuck in a worrying fixture. Surprisingly the draw in Ferrol, the fiefdom of the second-placed team, is not primarily a bad result, unless it is the fifth consecutive day in which they do not win as is the case with the blue and white. . It has been a disappointing year for Espanyol in the second division, having drawn four matches in a row, this time without scoring a goal despite Pere Milla’s brilliant chances.

Ramis’ project is progressing very slowly. Progress is minimal. During the first half, Espanyol had more possession, took charge of the game, controlled and looked for Cantero’s goal. It was noted that the coach chose the three most competitive midfielders available to him, and left Baier and Gregara on the bench. In that sense, Edu Expósito stands out as a step forward.

stagnation anxiety

Ramis’ project is progressing very slowly, because he had more of the ball but now he is not able to enjoy his goals

But the team is having difficulty establishing itself. And it’s a problem when the lead isn’t right. If there was something special about Espanyol it was their goals, the talent of their forwards in the opponent’s area but this time Pere Milla missed the clearest chance of the first half. To be precise, it was very clear.

The forward found himself unmarked in space and Edu Expósito sent him a gift on defence. Milla overtook his marker at pace and set up Delmas and goalkeeper Ander Cantero with an excellent cut into the area. He worked the hardest, but when everything was in his favor, the goal was all for himself, Pere Milla, who was a little forced by the run, ended up shooting the post with his right foot. An incredible failure in definition that explains the moment of low confidence of some Parakeet football players.

This is the opposite of what happens to his opponent. On the other bench, Cristóbal Parralo (more than 250 games in blue and white in the nineties) is making the most of a team that wants to ensure stability and that is working shoulder to shoulder with those who aspire to promotion. Has been.

Of course, there is very little that has been said to threaten Pacheco. Only one corner was headed by John Garcia and safely held by the goalkeeper.

without confidence

Pere Milla’s decision reveals a moment of low self-confidence for some Parakeet footballers

Espanyol, tied to its name and hierarchy, always tried to move forward. Even with the changes. Joffrey Carreras and Keita Balde came in as disruptors. From a cross from Al Hilali, John Garcia took a shot past Keita’s head.

But the danger of a tie at the end of the game is that the value of the set pieces increases many times over. And in one corner, the locals demanded a penalty from Chuka after a clash with Pere Mila. Adult Malta also complained about the extra time given by the referee: only two minutes. For Espanyol, on the other hand, which went from more to less, it was simply resigning itself to the fact that it would not be able to end its bad streak. An exercise in helplessness. The only consolation is that direct promotion is still three points away. However, there is no end to the tunnel in sight right now.

data sheet

Racing Ferrol, 0 – Espanyol, 0

R. Ferrol: Cantero, Delmas, John Garcia, David Castro, Moi Delgado, Bernal, Alex Lopez (Chuca 57), Vadillo (Nacho 57), Losada, Heber Peña (Justo 75) and Álvaro Jiménez (Sabin Merino 75).

coach: cristobal parlo

Spanish: Pacheco, Al Hilali, Sergi Gomez, Calero (Cabrera 69), Brian Olivan, Pol Lozano (Kedy Baer 85), Aguado, Edu Expósito (Joffrey Carreras 69), Puado, Pere Milla (Keita Balde 85) and Braithwaite.

coach: luis miguel ramis

Field: Malta, to El Ferrol. 7,277 spectators.

Ref: Orellana Cid (Andalusian School).

Leaves: Yellow for Al Hilali, Edu Exposito, John Garcia, Puado, David Castro.

Target: Was not there.

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