Antonio Accari moved from political bigamy to active concubinage

Antonio Accari moved from political bigamy to active concubinage

Antonio Acari is perhaps the only Venezuelan leader to have been expelled from a party under the bizarre accusation of political bigamy. Sanctions for cases of indiscipline, violation of doctrinal norms, betrayal, Tlanquera jumps and other immoralities have been common in the turbulent national partisan situation. But being expelled for being a member of two parties at the same time is an allegation which, because of its unusual nature, seems typical of the cheap politics of politicians.

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Today, the leader of the Alianza del Lápiez and candidate for President of the Republic intends to position himself between the two blocks, without any kind of commitment – ​​without any sentimentality – with what he would call the “old opposition” or the ruling party. Are. However, if you look at how pleased Jorge Rodríguez was with the event he organized to present proposals on the electoral program – without the participation of the Unitary Platform – with different factors in the country, it seems clear That more than being alone, she is in the form of a mistress. The regime is in a strategy to oust María Corina Machado, the only opposition candidate supported by millions of Venezuelans, who cannot wait to end this 25-year nightmare.

But let’s go back to the clearance, which is just one line in a course featuring bluster and deception. It fell to Ekari in 2015. He was a member of Kopei. The national leadership announced the decision in a statement in a solemn tone and in line with Christian social sentiment. He claimed the moral values ​​of loyalty and commitment. He had discovered that the maverick leader was secretly active in another party, Alianza del Lapiz, a forum he had founded in 2010 with the stated purpose of promoting the meeting of independent organizations, but from which he had unknowingly gained influence in the Western Had converted in the areas of Caracas. , they distanced themselves from green guidelines.

It must be said that, in some of its paragraphs, Copeano’s part was not so subtle. In the notification he accused Akeri of “engaging in a shameful conflict of interest, showing instability and leaving a trail of conflict in the parties he has passed through.” Akeri’s defense focused on denouncing that his leadership was being usurped in the cities where he served.

He arrived in Copei in 2014 from Proyecto Venezuela, the party that was founded in 1998 in Carabobo – the state where he was born – by Henrique Salas Roemer, in a split from Copei, and which he joined in 2012. In 2015 he was president of Copeyana Tella in Caracas and was selected as a deputy candidate in the parliamentary elections that year. The honeymoon with Kopayanos ended with the revelation of “infidelity”.

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